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Last update: January 2024


Major Coordinators

Major Overview

The Bachelor of Arts in Art major focuses on visual art practice within a liberal arts context. The students in the program gain a broad foundation in both traditional 2D, 3D, and digital media. The program is primarily tailored for those who have a limited background in visual arts, while it is also equipped for students who already have formal art training. Courses include drawing, painting, printmaking, two- and three-dimensional design, digital photography, digital imaging, Internet imaging, moving images, motion graphics, and art history. The program equips students with an interdisciplinary perspective on contemporary art and design production, providing various analog and digital media skills, as well as the socio-historical contexts essential to contemporary practice.

Transfer Student Portfolio Review

While a portfolio is not required for admission into the B.A. in Art degree program, if a student has completed college-level studio courses and is seeking studio equivalency credit, the student must complete a transfer portfolio review. The TUJ Art Program will review Student Portfolios and course syllabi after the student has been accepted by the Admissions Office with an evaluated transcript from the previous school. The Art Program can only accept up to 24 transfer credits of studio work toward the major.

Those who request to have studio credits transferred from a previous school for TUJ Art Major requirements are strongly recommended to bring a Student Portfolio and Course Syllabi on Transfer Student Advising Day during orientation week or before the regular sessions begin. All materials will be submitted to the Major Coordinator of the Art Program for review. Please note, the late submission of transfer request materials may result in delaying the reviewing process.

Transfer student review materials for the TUJ Art Major:

Please bring all materials on the Transfer Student Advising Day or before the regular sessions begin.

  1. Student Portfolio
    The Student Portfolio should consist of seven to ten images of work from each studio art course completed at the previous school along with a list of the size of the medium and the title of the course.
  2. Course Syllabus
    The Course Syllabus should accompany the Student portfolio. Please bring a printed hard copy or data of your course syllabus from the previous school.
  3. Application Form
    The Application Form will be supplied by the TUJ Art program.

The Major Coordinator and Full time Art faculty will review the Student Portfolio and Course Syllabi to determine if the quality of works are equivalent to what the TUJ Art program offers. For Studio courses, the student will be notified of the evaluation result of the portfolio review within a few days. For Art History or Studio courses not offered at TUJ the reviewing process may require a longer period for further evaluation; in this case the student will be informed as soon as the approval has been granted by the university.

AP Credits

For AP equivalencies chart and additional information please see the following link:

Major Requirements

74-75 credits required

Major courses must be passed with at least a C-, and major GPA must be 2.00 or higher for graduation.

A maximum 24 transfer credits of studio work will be accepted toward the major. Students must complete a transfer portfolio review.

Foundation Requirements

  Course Title Credits
Art 1201 3-D Design 3
Art 1401 Drawing I 3
Art 1402 Drawing II 3
Art 1501 2D Design 3


Sophomore Studio Electives

  Course Title Credits
Select four from the following: 12
ARTU 2102 Painting  
ARTU 2202 Intermediate 3-D  
ARTU 2301 Relief Printmaking  
ARTU 2601 Computer Imaging  
ARTU 2811 Art Photography: Digital  


Junior Studio Electives

  Course Title Credits
ARTU 2000+   3
ARTU 2000+   3
ARTU 2000+   3
ARTU 3000+   3


Senior Studio Electives

  Course Title Credits
ARTU 3000+   3
ARTU 4000+   3



  Course Title Credits
ARTU 4796 Art Seminar 3


Art History Requirements

  Course Title Credits
ARTH 1103 Introduction to Methods and Theories 3
Select one from the following: 3
ARTH 1155/1955 Arts of the World I: Prehistoric to 1300  
ARTH 1156/1956 Arts of the World II: 1300 to the 21st Century  
ARTH 1801 Arts of Asia  
ARTH 2000+1    
One Art History 2000 – 4999 Elective   3
ARTH 2000+1    
One Writing Intensive (WI) Art History course   3
ARTH Writing Intensive1    


Upper Level Liberal Arts (2000+)

  Course Title Credits
Social Science 2000+2   3
CLA 2000+3   3
CLA 2000+3   3
CLA 2000+3   3
CLA 2000+3   3
  1. This course does not apply towards the upper-level CLA requirements.
  2. One upper-level CLA course must be taken in Social Science unless completing Art History minor.
  3. Upper-level Art History courses can be counted here except as noted above.

Minor Requirements

Declaration from Fall 2019 until Summer 2021: Temple Bulletin 2019-2021 

Declaration in or after Fall 2021: New

21 credits required

Students must successfully complete the following courses with a grade of C- or higher

A maximum of 9 transfer credits will be accepted towards the minor. A portfolio of work must be submitted for review by the Major Coordinator.

  Course Title Credits
Select two of the following: 6
ART 1012 (or ARTU 1501) Introduction to Visual Language, Design (or 2D Design)  
ARTU 1011 (or ART 1201) Introduction to Visual Language, 3-D Design (or 3-D Design)  
ART 1201 Introduction to Fibers for Non-Tyler BFA Majors  
ARTU 1301 Introduction to Glass for Non-Tyler BFA Majors  
ART 1401 Introduction to Jewelry for Non-Tyler BFA Students  
ARTU 1502 Introduction to Visual Language, Painting  
ART 1602 Art Photography: Digital  
ARTU 1701 Screenprinting  
ARTU 1702 Artist Books, Zines and Independent Publishing  
ARTU 1802    
ARTU 1101 Painting for Non-Majors  
ARTU 1401 Drawing I  
Select one of the following: 3
ARTU 1155 (or ART 1955) Arts of the World I: Prehistoric to 1300 (or Honors Arts of the World I: Prehistoric to 1300)  
ARTU 1156 (or ART 1956) Arts of the World II: 1300 to the 21st Century (or Honors Arts of the World II: 1300 to the 21st Century)  


4 Additional Studio Art Electives

  Course Title Credits
Select four of the following:1 12
ARTU 1000+    
CART 3011 (or CART 3911) Introductory Seminar in Community Arts (or Honors Introductory Seminar in Community Arts)  
CART 3089 (or CART 3989) Research and Project Planning Seminar in Community Arts (or Honors Research and Project Planning in Community Arts)  
CART 4012 Community Arts  
ART 4012 Introduction to CAD for Non-Tyler BFA Students  
ART 2000+    
GAD 2000+    
VS 1651 Visual Studies 1 Foundation: Digital Imaging  
VS 2000+