Members 2022-2023


Ishwor Bhandari

Oversee development and progress of approved project plans, member of student organizations allocations committee.

Vice President:

Natsumi Sugiura

Assumes shared responsibility with President for TUJ SG actions and commitments.


Lengxia Ling

Posts minutes, monthly reports, and other relevant documents on SG Blackboard and updates the TUJ SG website.


Gregory Scott Carr

Responsible for all accounting matters and TUJ SG budget.

Student Organization Liaison:

Kyoka Serizawa

Communicates student organizations’ needs to TUJ SG at meetings, member of student organizations allocations committee.

Communications Officer:

Manami Fujima

The Communicators Officer promotes TUJSG events through fliers through several means (Social Media, posters, etc.) and liaises with TUJ staff/departments on public relations efforts.


Billy Huynh

The Emissary works to promote TUJSG community relations, establish connections and relationships with vendors, partners in the TUJ neighborhood, and other institutions in and outside of Japan.

TUJ Student Government