Focuses on visual art practice within a liberal arts context. Courses include drawing, painting, printmaking, two- and three-dimensional design, digital photography, digital imaging, Internet imaging, moving images, motion graphics, media arts, and art history. The program equips students with an interdisciplinary perspectiveon contemporary art and design production, providing various analog and digital media skills as well as thesociohistorical contexts essential to contemporary practice.

Major/Minor Requirements

Co-coordinator of Art major

Our Art major is primarily designed for those who don’t have an art background, but we are also equipped for students who have already studied art formally. We offer everything from foundation courses such as drawing, painting and two-dimensional and three-dimensional design on up to an advanced level of study. Art majors are also required to take digital-based courses involving digital photography, computers, and the Internet. These are essential skills for finding a job in the art field and moving your career forward.

We usually have students from five or six different countries studying in one classroom. They learn how to inspire others, not just through verbal communication but also through their work. By inspiring others, you share a connection to what they create as well.

Tokyo is known as a center of design and fashion, and lots of contemporary art comes out of this city, making it an amazing place to study art. If you want to study art in English in Tokyo, TUJ is really the best option around. We view all of Tokyo as our campus, so we work with students to utilize the dynamics of the city as a resource.


Interview with Prof. Shinya B. Watanabe

Grow Your Artistic Talent with an American Style Art Education


An overview of required courses.

Art Seminar (Capstone)

Take your first step as a creator!

This is the art capstone class. Students produce their own individual graduation exhibition and portfolio based on a project to complete an "Artist Statement.” Students select and negotiate their own venues, and the exhibition is open to the public. Students learn to clarify the concept of their work through practical experience in planning, selling, and managing exhibitions of their work. This course is designed to encourage students see themselves as artists and to support their independence as creators.


A list of recently offered electives.

 Artist Books, Zines and Independent Publishing
 Special Topics: Creative Coding and Generative Art
 Computer Imaging
 History of Modern Crafts
 Art History Writing Intensive: Art and Queer Theory
 Art and the City: Tokyo in the 1960s and 1970s

Student Interview

Natsuki Tanaka

Alumni Voice

Mira Winblad

​​Company: Wild Tame Co. Ltd

Class of 2022
Major: Art

I was in my final year when I decided to do an internship, and I’m glad I did. I was accepted as an intern at Wild Tame, a small but passionate production company in central Tokyo. They offered me a full-time position as a graphic designer as soon as I finished my final semester. I genuinely love my job and coworkers, and I’m honored to continue growing as a creative together with them. When I think back on my time at TUJ, I like to think of the people I’ve come to cherish and the person I’ve become because of this path I chose. I have the fantastic teachers in the Art Department to thank for helping me broaden my artistic skills in so many ways and to enjoy the creative process. I’m not sure what the future holds, but I like to keep it blank to allow space for whatever new road opens next.