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Our Varsity VALORANT and SUPER SMASH BROS. ULTIMATE teams represent TUJ in competitive play against other universities and colleges in Japan. Our players are committed to working together, combining team strategy and individual skills to achieve success both on and off the virtual arena. We are planning to add even more games to our varsity roster, so please fill out the Varsity Interest Form and let us know what games you play!

Varsity Manager Profiles

Enzo Zeno De Marinis


Valorant Team Manager
Major: Communications

I enjoy being on the esports team because I’ve always wanted to experience being on a team and playing scrims, having practice. I also get to practice leadership skills and it will provide experience that I will be unable to get anywhere else.

Gregory Scott Carr


Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Team Manager
Major: Asian Studies and International Affairs

When I first came to TUJ we didn't have an official esports program. Now we have two official teams and are continuing to grow. I look forward to seeing how the esports program will continue to grow and what games the students make a team of even after I graduate.

Julia Paminiano


Varsity Team Social Media Manager
Major: International Affairs

Through this experience, I have had the opportunity to collaborate with a group of like-minded individuals and foster new friendships. Overall, my role has greatly enriched my experience at TUJ by providing me valuable leadership and teamwork skills.