Your arrival to Japan and to TUJ is getting closer! We are very excited to welcome you into the TUJ community this Fall semester!

Getting connected with other students, faculty, and staff, as well as exploring your interests is an essential part of any college experience. We have put together a New Students Welcome Week program full of activities and sessions that we hope puts you on track to accomplishing exactly this!

Below you will find the calendar that will give you an overlook of what will happen during this week. Below that, you will find the week’s schedule in detail and a registration form to sign-up for a variety of sessions. The sessions are designed to be informative and fun, and we hope there is something there that interests you! The Visa Information Session for visa-sponsored students is mandatory, the other sessions are optional. Several of the sessions have capacity limits so please double-check your schedule and make sure you are able to attend the sessions you are signing up for.

Fall 2024 - New Students Welcome Week Schedule

Spring 2024 - New Students Welcome Week Schedule

Schedule by Day