Provides students the opportunity to combine courses from multiple liberal arts disciplines to create a customized academic program that emphasizes interdisciplinary thinking, problem-solving, communication, innovation, and a focused exploration of discrete academic subjects, as a concentrated course of study. The program inspires students to "think outside of the box" and equips them with distinct skills to thrive in a complex, interconnected world.

Major Requirements

Coordinator for General Education & the General Studies Program and Assistant Professor

TUJ’s General Studies major is a concentrated course of study that allows students to combine two or more academic disciplines to develop an individualized program that will help them explore their interests and discover new ways of integrating knowledge, solving problems, and thinking about issues using a multi-disciplinary approach.

Students select several courses from a humanities or social sciences discipline that will serve as their major concentration, and additional courses from those divisions that will serve as their interdisciplinary electives. This not only gives students an opportunity to explore subjects that are personally fulfilling and that expand their intellectual horizons, it also gives them the depth, focus and specialization in a specific academic discipline that employers and graduate schools find attractive. In this way, the General Studies major is designed for students who have a specific academic or career goal in mind and who want to create a curriculum that will help them achieve that goal.


Interview with Prof. Sachiko Horiguchi

Expanding your possibilities
with General Studies


An overview of required courses.



A list of recently offered electives.

 Chemistry of Wine
 World Music and Cultures
 The Science of Sound
 It's Bigger Than Hip-hop: Exploring the Evolution of Race and Identity through Hip-hop
 Eating Cultures
 The Visual Anthropology of Modern Japan Digital Mapping: From Mercator to Mashups
 African Americans, Equality and the Law: Weapon or Tool?
 The Global Crisis: Power, Politics and the Making of Our Times
 The Meaning of the Arts