Required Course:2 courses, 3 credits each

Courses in science and technology (S/T) help students understand the method of scientific thinking and be exposed to ways in which the understanding of scientific phenomena and/or technology affects human life. They may include both disciplinary and interdisciplinary studies in the sciences with applications or studies of how technology is developed and applied for societal benefit.

Courses in Science & Technology provide:

  • Understanding of how an experiment is designed and evaluated using data to test the underlying hypothesis;
  • Appreciation of the sequential nature of science (or as Isaac Newton put it, "If I have seen further, it is by standing on the shoulders of giants");
  • The ability to accurately explain natural phenomena;
  • Sufficient understanding of science content to allow competent interpretations of current news issues related to science and technology;
  • Understanding of how technological applications evolve; and
  • Understanding of the impact of science and technology on policy decisions and of the ethical issues that confront society with scientific and technological change.

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