Team Member Profiles

Portrait image of Isamu Cian Une

Isamu Cian Une


Roles: Duelist, Controller, Initiator
Major: International Business Studies

I want to build a college esports scene that all colleges in Japan will want to be a part of and I want to make sure anyone who participates in the TUJ esports teams are able to interact with people from other Japanese colleges and create lasting friendships through gaming!

Portrait image of Chris Phillips

Chris Phillips


Roles: Sentinel, Duelist
Major: Computer Science

The best part of being a part of varsity has to be being able to meet and interact with new people. The opportunity of competing internationally is what makes spending all the time worth it.

Portrait image of Matthew Garcia

Matthew Garcia


Roles: Initator
Major: Japanese and Communications

Playing Valorant is better with friends. If you need friends join the team.

Portrait image of Ken Tze Cheng

Ken Tze Cheng


Roles: Sentinel, Duelist
Major: Computer Science

I like being a part of varsity because I can be on a team full of people who enjoy the game.

Portrait image of Amir Akbar

Amir Akbar


Roles: Fragger
Major: Computer Science

I like being on the team since it brings opportunity to compete for prizes as well as have fun at the same time. It's also nice having a team to queue with if you don't necessarily speak enough Japanese to communicate effectively.

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