Welcome to the AAC Advising Appointment System!

Here you will be able to schedule an appointment to meet with a TUJ Academic Advisor to make sure all your questions are answered!
Descriptions of each service are below. Here is the link to the Advising Appointment Scheduling System .


  1. Per university policy, the default language when meeting with an academic advisor will be in ENGLISH.
  2. This Advising Appointment Request form is only for TUJ Undergraduate students who plan to graduate from TUJ. If you are either of the following, please do NOT send an appointment request form:
    1. For incoming new first year students, you cannot make an appointment until the start of the semester, so please wait until the New Student Orientation for your advising and course registration
    2. For current Bridge students, please wait until you are eligible to attend the Undergraduate New Student Orientation for your advising and course registration.
    3. For Study Abroad students, please contact your HOME INSTITUTION ADVISOR directly for any advising inquiries you may have.


Here are some tips for scheduling an appointment that will help make everything easier for you:

  • Log into your TUPortal account before attempting to schedule an appointment.

  • Select the correct service so the advisors can be appropriately prepared for your questions (see the descriptions below to find out more about each service).

  • Choose the correct advisor. The appointment system will give you the appropriate choices for each topic. (The descriptions below will give any special notes on who to see, if any.)

  • Choose the time/date that works for you. The appointment system will automatically load available dates/times. Just choose a date/time/advisor that works for you. (Advisors are not always available, so be sure to plan ahead.)

  • Use your correct name/TUJ email/TUID (BE ACCURATE!). We use this info to find your profile. If you enter incorrect information, we will not be prepared for your meeting. You are 100% responsible for filling out this information correctly. GOOD TIPS FOR EMAIL:

    • Check your TUmail multiple times per day. Appointment confirmations/reminders/questions are sent to your TUmail. TUJ send all communications to your TUmail account so get used to using it as your main email!
    • Allow push notifications for your email account to your phone/device so you can respond promptly.
    • Protect your email by only giving it to trusted sources to avoid spamming.
    • Always include your full name and TUID in your emails so we can find you when necessary.

***Please note that there are only a limited number of advising slots available.  Advisors serve all undergraduate students at TUJ so we ask that you refrain from making multiple appointments at the same time. Duplicate appointments will be cancelled to ensure all TUJ students have opportunities to meet with the AAC.***



  1. Last Minute Academic Planning and Registration
    1. Use this at the beginning of the term when you need to add, drop, or otherwise change your schedule for the current semester.
    2. Typical questions we ask include:
      1. Why are you adding/dropping this class?
      2. Will this affect your graduation date, financial aid/housing/visa status, or other concerns?
    3. Only available from January 10th –27th, 2023. See the Withdrawal policy to leave a class after January 27th, 2023.
  2. Academic Planning & Registration
    1. Use this to plan Summer/Fall classes. (See the academic calendar here.)
    2. Typical questions we ask:
      1. How are you feeling about your current major/minor?
      2. Are you comfortable with the number of credits you are taking?
    3. Begins January 30, 2023.
  3. Change Major/Minor (See Academic Policies for more information.)
    1. Use this to meet with an advisor to change your major/minor or discuss options which major/minor would be best for you.
    2. Typical questions we ask include:
      1. Why are you thinking about changing your major/minor?
      2. Why do you want to choose a particular major/minor?
      3. Where do you see your career/life in the future?
      4. How will this major/minor change affect your graduation date?
    3. Available all semester.
  4. Degree Progress Report
    1. Use this to have an academic advisor submit the required paperwork for your visa renewal. (Will also require working with the Visa Coordinators in the OSSE office.)
    2. Typical questions we ask include:
      1. Have you checked your DARS report yet?
      2. Do you foresee any concerns?
      3. Have you worked with campus success units like the Career Development Office to prepare for getting a job after graduation?
    3. Available all semester.
  5. Graduation Review
    1. Use this to make sure you are scheduled to graduate on time! Students generally start doing these after they have completed 75 credits.
    2. Typical questions we ask include:
      1. Did you meet all the GenEd requirements?
      2. Did you meet the major requirements?
      3. What classes do you still have to take?
      4. Have you checked your DARS report yet?
      5. Is your academic program(s) (major, minor, certificate) correct on your records?
    3. Available all semester.
  6. Japanese Partner University Credit Exchange Program (***SPECIAL SCHEDULING NOTE BELOW***)
    1. Use this to discuss/plan studying at a partner university inside Japan.
    2. Typical questions we ask include:
      1. Why do you want to study at another Japanese university?
      2. What do you want to study there? Do they have those programs?
      3. Do I meet minimum language requirements (if any)?
    3. Available all semester.
    4. ***Special Scheduling Note***
      1. Students wishing to attend Meiji or Musashi University  sign up with Shota.
      2. Students wishing to attend Showa or Toyo University  sign up with Takeki.
  7. Reduced Course Load (See page 16-17 of TUJ Student Handbook.)
    1. Use this when deciding to take fewer than 12 credits in fall/spring semesters.
    2. Typical Questions we will ask:
      1. Is this for Visa status or a scholarship?
      2. Why are you taking fewer credits?
      3. Are you on GI Bill or Financial Aid? Will reducing your course load affect that status?
      4. Any others?
    3. Available all semester.
  8. Study Abroad (***SPECIAL NOTE BELOW***)
    1. Use when deciding if you would like to study abroad via Temple University programs.
    2. Typical questions we ask include:
      1. Why do you want to study abroad?
      2. Where do you want to go?
      3. Will this affect your graduation date?
      4. What courses do you want to take?
    3. Available all semester
    4. ***SPECIAL NOTES***:
      1. Contact the Study Abroad Coordinator in the OSSE before scheduling an appointment with AAC to ensure you are able to study abroad.
      2. For Temple Rome Study Abroad: Schedule an appointment with any advisor
      3. For Japanese Partner Universities: (See #6 above)
      4. For All Others: Schedule an appointment with Takeki
  9. Transfer to Main Campus
    1. Use when a student wants to study at Temple Main Campus! (This is a complex process and will require working with multiple TUJ and Main Campus offices. See an AAC advisor to get started.)
    2. Typical questions we ask include:
      1. How long do you want to study at Main Campus?
      2. Where do you plan to live?
      3. What classes will you take?
      4. Do you require a visa to study in the U.S.?
    3. Appointments available all semester. Begin planning at least one semester in advance.


If you have a quick academic question, you can check our AAC Frequently Asked Questions page!

(Make sure you are logged into TU Portal before clicking the link.)

If you cannot find the answer you were looking for, you can send us an email at aac@tuj.temple.edu.

(Don’t forget to include your full name TUID number in the email!)

Lastly, please check your Temple email (TUmail in the TUPortal) and the TUJ website regularly for general updates regarding the Spring semester.

Take care and see you next semester!

Academic Advising Center