The Academic Advising Center provides academic support to TUJ's undergraduate students to better achieve their academic goals. The Academic Advising Center will assist students in developing a comprehensive educational plan in compliance with University policies. 

Academic advisors are ready to partner with students to help them stay on their preferred path of academic success. This means advisors work alongside students. Advisors expect to meet with students at least once a semester to check in, plan, identify options, understand requirements, and make informed decisions.

Role of the Student:

  • Form a professional partnership with an academic advisor 
  • Decide which academic programs you want to pursue
  • Decide which courses you want to take 
  • Explore ways to elevate your education beyond the classroom (clubs and organizations, internships, study abroad, etc.)
  • Responsible for knowing deadlines and understanding academic policies  

Role of the Academic Advisor: 

  • Form a professional partnership with the student 
  • Help ensure students have accurate, accessible, and current information to make informed decisions 
  • Help ensure students connect with appropriate resources and campus offices
  • Help students identify options, interpret academic policies, understand requirements, and estimate length of time to complete a degree
  • Review courses selected by the student to confirm the course schedule aligns with the requirements for their degree (Advisors do NOT select courses for students; students have ownership of their academic path) 

The main responsibilities of the Academic Advising Center include:

  • Working with students in selecting appropriate courses, major, or other academic programs based on students' goal and interests, including study opportunities at Temple's Main Campus and other study abroad programs
  • Providing accurate information about the University's curriculum, requirements, and policies
  • Assisting students in registration activities
  • Graduation review and clearance
  • Transfer credit reevaluation – after initial review is completed by Admissions
  • Academic progress monitoring (Mid-Term Progress Rating, Academic Warning, Probation, and Dismissal)
  • Intra-University Transfer (IUT)
  • Overseeing Credit Transfer & Student Exchange Programs with other universities
  • Major/minor/certificate declaration
  • Referral of students to other support/service units
  • Participating in the University's new student orientation activities
  • Academic liaison with Temple Main Campus
  • Other academic applications and petitions
  • Supporting Temple, Japan’s faculty as a resource of consultation for academic policies and regulations as well as curriculum development
  • Supporting and working with other administrative units in order to better assist students and faculty at Temple University Japan
  • Assessing Temple, Japan students' needs in academic areas, and making recommendations to the institution, when necessary, in order to contribute its efforts in enriching students' education environment