IT Orientation for New Students

Welcome to Temple University, Japan Campus (TUJ)! TUJ Information Technology Services provide IT manuals for students online. Please download manuals below.


  • Manuals are hosted on Google Drive, and they are only accessible with TUmail account. If the link prompts you to enter Gmail credentials, enter your TUmail user name and password.
  • If you are logged in to a non-TUmail Gmail account, logout first. We do not grant any access requests from non-TUmail Gmail account.

TUJ Wireless Network

TUJ provides wireless internet access campus-wide. You will need to set up the WEP key to your wireless devices and log on to the wireless network with your TU Portal AccessNet Account. If you don't have a TU Portal AccessNet Account, you should've received separate login credentials from your department.

Please read the wireless access manual below and set up by yourself.

TU Portal AccessNet Account

General Overview

TU Portal account is required when you register your class online. Please make sure to access TU Portal and confirm you can log on.

TUJ IT Facilities

IT Orientation

Contact Us

For comments and questions, please contact Information Technology Services (ITS) at

For issues with TUportal, TUmail, Your Computer and other troubleshooting, inquiries etc. Please e-mail or visit TUhelp via TUportal.

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