Date: Monday, September 11, 2023 4:30 PM


  • Alain Frachon, (Foreign Affairs Columnist for Le Monde)


  • Robert Dujarric, (ICAS Co-Director, Temple University, Japan Campus)


  • Evelyn Farlov, (ICAS Coordinator, Temple University, Japan Campus)


As the US seeks to widen the coalition to confront China, Europe (i.e., the EU and affiliated states and the UK, almost all of them NATO members), with a GDP about four times that of Japan, plays an important role when it comes to export and investment controls, supply chain "de-risking," and countering PRC influence worldwide in areas such as development assistance. European military power-projection capabilities in East Asia are very limited but have important diplomatic and symbolic contributions. Moreover, if the US is to deploy more forces around China, it needs European NATO states to be more active in other theatres, principally Europe and Southwest Asia.

Alain Frachon and Robert Dujarric will discuss these issues and then open the session for Q&A from the audience.

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Monday, September 11, 2023 16:30 (Tokyo Time)
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This event is organized by the Institute of Contemporary Asian Studies (ICAS).

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Alain Frachon

Foreign Affairs Columnist for Le Monde
Speaker 1

Alain Frachon is a foreign affairs columnist with Le Monde in Paris. He was a correspondent in Tehran, London, Jerusalem, and London. He served as head of the foreign desk and later as editor-in-chief of the newspaper. He is the author of several books including "L' Amérique messianique: Les Guerres des néo-conservateurs (with Daniel Vernet, 2004)", "La Chine contre l'Amérique: Le Duel du siècle (with avec Daniel Vernet, 2012)", "États-Unis: de Roosevelt à Obama (with Daniel Vernet)" and "Un autre monde, L'ère des dictateurs (2022)". He has a law degree from the University of Paris, studied at the Institut des Sciences-Politiques in Paris and at the Centre de formation des journalistes.


Robert Dujarric

ICAS Co-Director

Robert Dujarric is Co-Director at ICAS. Prior to joining TUJ in 2007, he was a 2004-05 Council on Foreign Relations (Hitachi) International Affairs Fellow, a researcher at a think tank in Washington DC and a banker in New York, Madrid, Tokyo, and London. He graduated from Harvard College and holds an MBA from Yale University.


Evelyn Farlov

ICAS Coordinator, Temple University, Japan Campus

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