Date: Monday, July 11, 2022 7:00 PM


  • CDR Mariyo Murakami,  (The leader of Flight Division 811, Air Electronic Warfare Squadron 81)


YCAPS & the Sasakawa Peace Foundation are pleased to announce the next event in the Community Conversations seminar series in Iwakuni. This event will feature CDR Mariyo Murakami. CDR Murakami (Leader of Flight Division 811,Air Electronic Warfare Squadron 8) will discuss the history and significance of JMSDF Iwakuni Air Base and give an overview of the contemporary role of the Air Base as part of the US-Japan Alliance.

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This event will be a webinar. Future Community Conversations events will be held in person so long as health and safety conditions permit.

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Wednesday, July 11, 2022 19:00


Jeff Mazziotta


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CDR Mariyo Murakami

The leader of Flight Division 811, Air Electronic Warfare Squadron 81

CDR Mariyo Murakami, is the leader of Flight Division 811, Air Electronic Warfare Squadron 81. CDR Murakami was born in 1982, graduated Japanese National Defense Academy in 2005, then commissioned through Maritime Officer Candidate School. In summer 2018, CDR Murakami was a student in the Maritime Self Defense Force Command and Staff Course. As part of a group of ten volunteer students, CDR Murakami translated "Contemporary Military Theory: The Dynamics of War" by Jan Angstrom and J.J.Widen. CDR Murakami took charge of chapter 4: Operational Art. The translated edition was published in 2021 in Japan. CDR Murakami also argued the title of "England's indirect approach on the cradle in Anglo-Spanish War: The Netherland expedition lead to win on the battle of Armada" in the Command and Staff Course.

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