Calendar of Events

18:30 (Door open at 18:00)
  • Henry Chamberlain (U.S. Air Force)
  • Doris Jean Pruitt (widow of Mr. Charles L. Pruitt, U.S. Navy)
  • Shirley Emerson Steele (widow of Mr. Charles Steele, U.S. Army)
  • John Whitehurst (son of Mr. Collin B. Whitehurst Jr., U.S. Army)
  • Joe Brown (son of Mr. Charles D. Brown, U.S. Army)
  • Mary Blaine (daughter of Mr. John J. McCorts, U.S. Army)
  • Caroline Burkhart (daughter of Mr. Thomas F. Burkhart, U.S. Army)

We are happy to invite you to a special event with a former American prisoner of war (POW) and six family members. They will be visiting Japan at the invitation of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs as part of a cultural diplomacy program that started in 2010. The program, entitled “2017 The Japanese/POW Friendship Program”, seeks to promote a mutual understanding between the Japanese and American people by inviting former POWs, their family members, and caregivers to Japan as a gesture of reconciliation. A former POW will share a story about his experience as prisoner in Japan during the War. Family members of other POWs will also be present to…
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