Date Title Speaker SlideShare
11/28/2022The Jingu Gaien redevelopment controversy: A talk with Rochelle KoppRochelle Kopp, Robert DujarricSlideShare
11/17/2022Understanding the 2022 US midterm electionsPaul Sracic, Robert DujarricSlideShare
10/17/2022The results of Abenomics and Kishida's New CapitalismNaohiro YashiroSlideShare
11/22/2021Japan’s Shifting Economic Security Policies and Prospects Under the New Kishida Administration with Akira Igata (Slides)Akira IgataSlideShare
10/07/2021The End of the LDP As We Know ItMichael T. CucekSlideShare
Jan,2020Changing Forms of Buraku Discrimination in Contemporary Japan Mariko AkuzawaSlideShare
01/20/2020Closed Loop, Open Borders: Wealth and Inequality in India Anthony P. D'CostaSlideShare
12/03/2019Megumu Kamata - Background, Influences and Recent WorksMegumu KamataSlideShare
12/03/2019Tattoo and Bathhouse Bans in Contemporary JapanYoshimi YamamotoSlideShare
10/29/2019China’s New Navy and Humanitarian Assistance and Disaster ReliefRichard SalmonsSlideShare
10/29/2019US Constitutional DemocracyR. Taggart MurphySlideShare
10/17/2019Japan and Russia: Contemporary Political, Economic, and Military Relations Part OneYu KoizumiSlideShare
10/17/2019Japan and Russia: Contemporary Political, Economic, and Military Relations Part TwoElena ShadrinaSlideShare
10/17/2019Japan and Russia: Contemporary Political, Economic, and Military Relations Part ThreeJames BrownSlideShare
10/10/2019Does American Democracy Have a Future? The U.S. on the Eve of the 2020 ElectionGregory NobleSlideShare
10/10/2019“I survived the climate crisis so far, but what’s next?”Marinel Sumook UbaldoSlideShare
10/01/2019Public Lecture Slides (10.01.2019) Cool Optimism in the Empire of HopeDavid LehenySlideShare
09/25/2019Public Lecture Slides (9.25.2019) Trade Wars and Sanctions: The Sino-American Confrontation and Japan Part 2Hiromi MurakamiSlideShare
09/25/2019Public Lecture Slides (9.25.2019) Trade Wars and Sanctions: The Sino-American Confrontation and Japan Part 1Alexander DmitrenkoSlideShare
09/30/2019Narratives of female academics in Japanese higher educationJennifer Yphantides, Kristie Collins, Reiko YoshiharaSlideShare
07/22/2019Public Lecture Slides (7.22.2019) Integrating The Casino Gaming Industry in Japan: The American Indian Gaming ModelDeron MarquezSlideShare
07/16/2019Public Lecture Slides (7.16.2019) The Politics of Painting: Fascism and Japanese Art During the Second World War Asato IkedaSlideShare
07/19/2019Public Lecture Slides (7.19.19) Transnationalization of Aspirations: International Mobility of Chinese & Japanese StudentsYasemin Soysal, Hector Cebolla Boado, Dorothee SchneiderSlideShare
07/11/2019Public Lecture Slides (7.11.19) The Neutrals: Friends with Japan and her Enemies During WWIIPascal LottazSlideShare
06/26/2019Public Lecture Slides (6.26.19) Reiwa One: A Political Outlook Michael CucekSlideShare
06/20/2019Public Lecture Slides (6.20.19) Marriage Equality in Asia and the Business Case for Equal Marriage Alexander Dmitrenko, Naosuke Fujita, Makiko TeraharaSlideShare
06/07/2019The Third Wave of International Student Mobility & Global Competitiveness of Asian UniversitiesRahul ChoudahaSlideShare
05/30/2019Public Lecture Slides (5.30.19) Beyond the Gender Gap in Japan - "'Life' as a Political Agenda"Hiroko TakedaSlideShare
05/30/2019Public Lecture Slides (5.30.19) Beyond the Gender Gap in Japan - "Women and the LDP in Transition"Yuki TsujiSlideShare
05/30/2019Public Lecture Slides (5.30.19) Beyond the Gender Gap in Japan - "Busy, Happy, and Withdrawn"Mito AkiyoshiSlideShare
05/28/2019Public Lecture Slides (5.28.2019) Japan's new immigration policyNaohiro YashiroSlideShare
04/11/2019Public Lecture Slides (4.11.2019) Nuclear, Panic, and Danger: Why Fear of Nuclear Threatens Japan’s Energy, Environmental, and National SecurityMichael ShellenbergerSlideShare
04/01/2019Public Lecture Slides (4.1.2019) The Courage of Our Convictions: Young Female Activists in Japan Defying the Social Norm Pt 2Asaki Takahashi, Ryo TsujiokaSlideShare
04/01/2019Public Lecture Slides (4.1.2019) The Courage of Our Convictions: Young Female Activists in Japan Defying the Social Norm Pt 3Wakako FukudaSlideShare
04/01/2019Public Lecture Slides (4.1.2019) The Courage of Our Convictions: Young Female Activists in Japan Defying the Social Norm Pt 1 Tricia EuvrardSlideShare
03/19/2019Public Lecture Slides (3.19.2019) Fukushima - A View from the Oceanan-english-wide(1)Ken BuesselerSlideShare
03/14/2019Public Lecture Slides (3.14.2019) The “ICON” Model of Place Branding Keith DinnieSlideShare
02/26/2019Public Lecture Slides (2.26.2019) In the Shadow of Destrehan: Legacies of SlaveryAzby Brown, Catherine PughSlideShare
03/05/2019Public Lecture Slides (3.5.2019) The Heisei Era: Radical Change or Prolonged Sclerosis?Nobuko KobayashiSlideShare
02/21/2019Public Lecture Series (2019.2.21) Assessing Reconciliation on the Korean Peninsula, Part 2David H. SatterwhiteSlideShare
02/21/2019Public Lecture Series (2019.2.21) Assessing Reconciliation on the Korean Peninsula, Part 1Mark E. CaprioSlideShare
02/05/2019Public Lecture Slides (2019.2.5) The EU-Japan Partnership in the Shadow of China: The Crisis of LiberalismPaul MidfordSlideShare
11/21/2018Public Lecture Slides (11.21.2018) Human Trafficking in Person in JapanYumi ItakuraSlideShare
11/14/2018Public Lecture Slides (11.14.2018): After the Midterm Elections - US Politics/Society and Japan Paul SracicSlideShare
11/06/2018Public Lecture Slides (2018.11.06) Why is Japan resisting changes?Hiromi MurakamiSlideShare
10/23/2018Public Lecture Slides (10.23.2018) Why is Myanmar Persecuting Rohingyas?: A "Buddhist" Nationalist PerspectiveMaung ZarniSlideShare
07/20/2018Public Lecture Slides (7.20.2018) Super Nation Brand Japan - 2020 and BeyondNancy SnowSlideShare
07/09/2018Public Lecture Slides (7.9.2018) Sino-Japanese Power PoliticsGiulio PuglieseSlideShare
06/19/2018Public Lecture Slides (6.19.2018) From the Women's March to #WeToo and BeyondSarajean RossittoSlideShare
04/05/2018Public Lecture Slides (4.5.2018) Sanctions: Geopolitical Tools in a Volatile WorldAlexander DmitrenkoSlideShare
04/02/2018Public Lecture Slides (4.2.2018) Historical Japan in a 21st Century Pacific Maritime WorldNoell WilsonSlideShare
03/29/2018Public Lecture Slides (3.29.2018) Sex Crimes and Criminal Justice in Japan (Setsuo Miyazawa)Setsuo MiyazawaSlideShare
03/29/2018Public Lecture Slides (3.29.2018) Sex Crimes and Criminal Justice in Japan (Hiroko Goto)Setsuo Miyazawa, Mari Hirayama, Hiroko GotoSlideShare
03/06/2018Public Lecture Slides (3.6.2018) Budding Ties? The Impact of Brexit on Europe-Japan RelationsIrina AngelescuSlideShare
02/21/2018Public Lecture Slides (2.21.2018) Michael Cucek: Update on Japanese PoliticsMichael CucekSlideShare
11/21/2017Public Lecture Slides (11.21.2017) Deterrence, Assurance, and North Korean StrategyJames E. PlatteSlideShare
10/23/2017Public Lecture Slides (10.23.2017) English-medium Instruction in Japanese Higher Education: Policy, Challenges and OutcomesHiroyuki Takagi, Juanita Heigham, Jim McKinleySlideShare
10/03/2017 Public Lecture Slides (10.3.2017) Is Japan susceptible to populism? Gregory W. NobleSlideShare
07/04/2017Public Lecture Slides (7.4.2017) Book Talk: Jane Yamashiro: Redefining JapanesenessJane H. YamashiroSlideShare
06/29/2017Public Lecture Slides (6.29.2017) Ian Condry: Music and the New Social EconomyIan CondrySlideShare
05/17/2017Public Lecture Slides (5.17.2017) Analysis of the French ElectionsRégis Arnaud, Guillaume Gerondeau, Benjamin LasrySlideShare
04/05/2017Public Lecture Slides (4.5.2017) #vivalarevolucíon: New Millennium Political ProtestsDavid H. Slater, John Russell, William Andrews, Sarajean RossittoSlideShare
04/05/2017Public Lecture Slides (4.5.2017) #vivalarevolucíon: New Millennium Political ProtestsDavid H. Slater, John Russell, William Andrews, Sarajean RossittoSlideShare
04/05/2017Public Lecture Slides (4.5.2017) #vivalarevolucíon: New Millennium Political ProtestsDavid H. Slater, John Russell, William Andrews, Sarajean RossittoSlideShare
04/12/2017Public Lecture Slides (4.12.2017) Narrative Histories of Nuclear Disaster: Hibakusha Memories and MythologiesBo Jacobs, Mariko NagaiSlideShare
02/28/2017Public Lecture Slides (2.28.2017) Gilles Campagnolo: Liberalism and Chinese Economic Development Gilles CampagnoloSlideShare
03/17/2017Robert Dujarric: The Myth of Japanese RearmamentRobert DujarricSlideShare
03/07/2017Public Lecture Slides (3.7.2017) Naohiro Yashiro: Abenomics Labor Market ReformsNaohiro YashiroSlideShare
12/12/2016Public Lecture Slides (12.12.2016) Alessio Patalano: A World Without Alliances?Alessio PatalanoSlideShare
12/19/2016Public Lecture Slides (12.19.2016) Michiko Yusa: Affirmation via NegationMichiko YusaSlideShare
12/20/2016Public Lecture Slides (12.20.2016) James Fanell: Short, Sharp War James FanellSlideShare
11/18/2016Public Lecture Slides (11.18.2016) Japanese Universities and the Global Rankings GameAnnette BradfordSlideShare
10/19/2016Public Lecture Presentation Slides (10.19.2016) Book talk Miloš Debnár: Europeans in Japan: Migration and Whiteness Miloš DebnárSlideShare
10/05/2016Jesper Edman: Is Japan learning from foreign-owned companies (gaishikei)?Jesper EdmanSlideShare
07/01/2016Public Lecture Slide Presentation (7.1.2016) Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games: Public or Private Interest?Eva Marikova LeedsSlideShare
06/27/2016Public Lecture Slides Presentation (6.27.2016) Brexit AnaylsisJames Brown, Robin Harding, Alistair Howard, Mark A. Pollack, Andy Sharp, Tina BurrettSlideShare
06/08/2016Public Lecture Presentation Slides (6.8.2016) John Wright: Japanese defense policy and the use of forceJohn Wright SlideShare
04/27/2016Public Lecture Presentation Slides (4.27.2016)Alessio PatalanoSlideShare
04/06/2016Public Lecture Presentation Slides (4.6.2016) How the U.S. Selects Its PresidentsAndrei GreenawaltSlideShare
04/01/2016Public Lecture Presentation Slides (4.1.2016) Eri Osaka: Fukushima nuclear damage compensation system present situation and challengesEri OsakaSlideShare
04/01/2016Public Lecture Slide Presentation (4.1.2016) Haruka Adachi: The activities of the attorney team for Namie town ADRHaruka AdachiSlideShare
04/01/2016Public Lecture Presentation Slide (4.1.2016) Takao Suami: Namie and Waseda Law SchoolTakao SuamiSlideShare
03/25/2016Public Lecture Presentation Slides (3.25.2016) ADVERTISING IN THE AGING SOCIETY: Understanding Representations, Practitioners, and Consumers in JapanFlorian KohlbacherSlideShare
03/25/2016Public Lecture Slides Presentation (3.25.2016): ADVERTISING IN THE AGING SOCIETYAkihiko KuboSlideShare
03/18/2016Public Lecture Presentation Slides (3.18.2016) NAGADORO: Rural Life after the Fukushima Nuclear DisasterTom GillSlideShare
03/14/2016Public Lecture Presentation Slides (3.14.2016) Japan, Russia and their Territorial DisputeJames BrownSlideShare
02/19/2016Public Lecture Presentation Slides (2.19.2016):Crossing Boundaries: Transnational Workers Breaking the Rice Paper Ceiling in Japan and BeyondAdam KomisarofSlideShare
02/01/2016Public Lecture Presentation Slides (2.1.2016) Book Launch: Foreign Language Education in Japan: Qualitative Approaches edited by Sachiko Horiguchi, Yuki Imoto, and Gregory S. PooleSachiko Horiguchi, Yuki Imoto, Gregory S. PooleSlideShare
01/07/2016Political outlookMichael CucekSlideShare
12/14/2015Heartbeat of An Olympic CityNancy SnowSlideShare
12/14/2015MEGAEVENTS in place brandingMagdalena FlorekSlideShare
11/20/2015Civil Society Activism and Japan's Security Policy: What Future for Japanese DemocracyKoichi NakanoSlideShare
11/13/2015ICAS Public Lecture (11.13.2015) Foreign Help Wanted: Easing Japan's Labor ShortageGiovanni Ganelli, Naoko Miake SlideShare
07/17/2015Japan's Triple Disaster of 2011Arnold M. Howitt, David Giles, Hiromi AkiyamaSlideShare
08/18/2015The Road to Fukushima and Its Impact on RestartsJames SimmsSlideShare
07/17/2015Scott Knowles: Fukushima, the view from America Scott Gabriel KnowlesSlideShare
06/05/2015Public Lecture Slides (6.5.2015) Alexander Murphy: Coping With a Fast-Changing World: Why Geography Still MattersAlexander MurphySlideShare
05/14/2015[Public Lecture Slides] Jennifer Friedman: Health care in Japan's aged societyJennifer FriedmanSlideShare
02/23/2015Angela Marie Ortiz: Disaster response and revitalization post 3.11Angela Marie OrtizSlideShare
02/27/2015Karoline Postel-Vinay: The 70th anniversary of 1945: Trouble ahead? Karoline Postel-VinaySlideShare
05/05/2015Leo V. Bosner: The organization part 2 and management of volunteers in disastersLeo V. BosnerSlideShare
02/23/2015Leo V. Bosner: The organization part 1 and management of volunteers in disastersLeo V. BosnerSlideShare
01/09/2015Michael Cucek: Japanese politics and policy: The agenda for 2015Michael CucekSlideShare
12/01/2014Robert Dujarric:Debating defense?Robert DujarricSlideShare
10/27/2014The Current Trends of Regulation against Sexual Expression. The Logic and the Politics behind the Application of the Obscenity Law, the Article 175 of the Criminal Code. Yamaguchi TakashiSlideShare
10/27/2014Enculturation and Acculturation Dynamics within Discourse Surrounding the Exclusion of Manga/Anime from the 2014 Japanese Child Pornography Law ReformRenato Rivera RuscaSlideShare
11/19/2014A Brief Introduction to Debates Concerning the Perceived Sexual Deviance of Manga and Anime Patrick W. GalbraithSlideShare
06/30/2014Public Lecture Video & Presentation slides (6.30.2014): Annette Bradford: Student mobility - Understanding a Japan-US priority Annette BradfordSlideShare
07/14/2014Academic symposium (7.14-15.2014): Artyom Lukin: Eurasia’s Emerging Geopolitics: Back to 1914?Artyom LukinSlideShare
04/04/2014Pulbic Lecture Slide Presentation (4.4.2014) Who governs the sea? Ways toward future forms of governanceYVES HENOCQUESlideShare
01/09/2014Public lecture slide presentation (1.9.2014) Michael Cucek: Abe Shinzo one year on: what have we learned?Michael CucekSlideShare
12/03/2013Public Lecture Slide Presentation (12.3.2013): Kazuhiko Togo - Towards a Japan-Russia deal on the Northern TerritoriesKazuhiko TogoSlideShare
11/29/2013Public Lecture Presentation Slide (11.29.2013) Naomi Fink: Abenomics and the Japanese Wealth GapNaomi FinkSlideShare
11/11/2013Public Lecture Presentation Slides (11.11.2013) Nancy Snow_Japan: Super Nation BrandNancy SnowSlideShare
06/28/2013Public lecture presentation slides -2 (6.28.2013)Edward VickersSlideShare
06/28/2013Public lecture presentation slides (6.28.2013)Paul Morris, Naoko Shimazu, Edward Vickers, Christine HanSlideShare
07/04/2013Alessio Patalano: Another Midway? Chinese and Japanese carrier programs and the Pacific balance of powerAlessio PatalanoSlideShare
06/11/2013Public Lecture Presentatin Slide (6.11.2013): Jason Wheelock: Understanding the Asia PivotJason WheelockSlideShare
06/11/2013Public Lecture Presentation Slides (6.11.2013): Robert Dujarric: Understanding the US "pivot" to AsiaRobert DujarricSlideShare
05/23/2013Public Lecture Presentation Slides (5.23.2013) Masako Kamiya: Why We Are Concerned with the 2012 LDP Proposal to Change the ConstitutionMasako KamiyaSlideShare
05/23/2013Public Lecture Presentation Slides (5.23.2013) Lawrence Repeta: LDP Propos…Lawrence RepetaSlideShare
04/11/2013Public Lecture Slide Presentation (4.11.2013)Daniel P. AldrichSlideShare
04/05/2013Public Lecture Presentation Slides (4.5.2013)Tetsunari IidaSlideShare
02/22/2013Beyond the senkakus japan’s border disputes in a larger context 2.22.2013Robert DujarricSlideShare
11/27/2012Public Lecture Presentation Slides (11.27.2012)Thomas BergerSlideShare
11/12/2012Public Lecture Presentation Slides (11.12.2012)Bill BrooksSlideShare
09/27/2012Public Lecture Presentation Slide (9.27.2012)Daniel P. AldrichSlideShare
07/12/2012Public Lecture PPT (7.12.2012)Shihoko FujiwaraSlideShare
07/10/2012Public Lecture PPT (7.10.2012_ Noriyuki Shikata) Noriyuki ShikataSlideShare
07/10/2012Public Lecture PPT(7.10. 2012_Mark Davidson)Mark J. DavidsonSlideShare
07/03/2012Public Lecure PPT (7.3.2012_Nicolas Sternsdorff Cisterna)Nicolas Sternsdorff CisternaSlideShare
07/03/2012Public Lecture PPT (7.3.2012 Ryu Hayano)Ryu HayanoSlideShare
06/29/2012Public Lecture PPT (6.29.2012)Richard KatzSlideShare
06/06/2012Public Lecture PPT (6.6.2012)Naoyuki HaraokaSlideShare
06/01/2012Public Lecture PPT (6.1.2012)Sachiko HoriguchiSlideShare
05/30/2012Public Lecture PPT (5.30.2012)Shumpei WatanabeSlideShare
05/15/2012Public Lecture PPT (5.15.2012) Japan’s three territorial issuesJacques HymansSlideShare
04/11/2012Public Lecture PPT (4.11.2012)The fukushima shock and japan’s nuclear futureJacques HymansSlideShare
03/16/2012Public Lecture PPT (3.16.2012)Nobuo ShimotomaiSlideShare
03/02/2012Public Lecture PPT: 3.2.2012 Ben KarpSlideShare
02/17/2012Public lecture PPT (2.17.2012): Planning and preparing for the local level disaster responseLeo BosnerSlideShare
01/16/2012PPT (1.16.2012): Turning Japanese - the Eurozone & the World Peter TaskerSlideShare
12/09/201112/9/2011_Effective actors_for_international_peaceGarren MulloySlideShare
11/22/2011PPT 11.22.2011 Cracks in the AllianceWilliam BrooksSlideShare
10/20/2011Kono taro presentation 10.20.2011Kono TaroSlideShare
10/12/2011Global Business in the Media Mix: How Nissan and Other Firms are Driving D-I-Y News-makingDan SloanSlideShare
09/15/2011Alessio Patalano on the Senkaku/Diaoyutai Dispute One Year on: Sea power and Sino-Japanese RelationsAlessio PatalanoSlideShare
02/23/2011Japan's diplomacy in the asia pacific region under the Kan administrationNoriyuki ShikataSlideShare
12/17/2010Global ocean governance and the challenge of Integrated Coastal and Ocean Management in Japan and some other countriesYves HenocqueSlideShare
12/14/2010The return of Sakoku: Reverse globalization in JapanRobert Dujarric, Ayumi TakenakaSlideShare
04/04/2023Can Japan resist dual citizenship?Peter Spiro, Robert DujarricSlideShare
06/13/2023Neutrality in the new Cold WarPascal LottazSlideShare
06/20/2023Brown Bag Luncheon: Naomi Fink on inflation and retirementNaomi FinkSlideShare

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