Past Events (2019-2020)

Date Title Speaker
12/10/2020The Regional Impact of PRC Security Presence in Mainland Southeast AsiaCheunboran Chanborey, John Bradford
12/08/2020Equal Pay for Equal Work in JapanNaohiro Yashiro, Akashi Hongo
12/01/2020Seeking Virtue in Finance: Contributing to Society in a Conflicted IndustryJ.C. de Swaan, Robert Dujarric
11/20/2020Japan-US relations and East Asia After the US electionIchiro Fujisaki, Robert Dujarric, Brad Glosserman, Akira Igata
11/05/2020US elections wrap-up and East AsiaRorry Daniels, Sean King, Robert Dujarric, Brad Glosserman, Akira Igata
10/27/2020Black Lives Matter and American society in a Japanese contextMorgan Jerkins, Heling Zhao, Ben Karp
09/23/2020Book Talk: The Iconoclast. Shinzo Abe and the New JapanTobias Harris, Robert Dujarric, Brad Glosserman, Akira Igata, John Bradford
08/20/2020Rising US-China Tensions and Japan’s ChoiceMiao Ji, Wang Yi, Robert Dujarric
08/08/2020Managing Nuclear MemoryNorma Field, Robert (Bo) Jacobs, Yuki Miyamoto
07/21/2020Public Statuary and Nationalism in Modern and Contemporary JapanSven Saaler, Robert Dujarric
02/12/2020After Iowa and New Hampshire: The U.S. Elections after the Early PrimariesSarajean Rossitto, James Simms, Paul Sracic, Robert Dujarric
01/20/2020Closed Loop, Open Borders: Wealth and Inequality in IndiaAnthony P. D’Costa, Kyle Cleveland
11/12/2019A Brexit Update Three Years After the ReferendumDavid McNeill, Robin Harding, Marion Van Renterghem, Tina Burrett
10/24/2019China’s New Navy and Humanitarian Assistance and Disaster ReliefRichard Salmons, Robert Dujarric
10/17/2019Japan and Russia: Contemporary Political, Economic, and Military RelationsYu Koizumi, Elena Shadrina, James D.J. Brown, Robert Dujarric
10/10/2019Does American Democracy have a future? The US on the eve of the 2020 electionR. Taggart Murphy, Gregory W. Noble, Robert Dujarric
09/25/2019Trade Wars and Sanctions: The Sino-American Confrontation and JapanAlexander Dmitrenko, Hiromi Murakami, Robert Dujarric
07/16/2019The Politics of Painting: Fascism and Japanese Art During the Second World WarAsato Ikeda, Robert Dujarric
06/26/2019Reiwa One: A Political OutlookMichael Cucek, James Brown
06/24/2019Can North Korea 'Reform and Open Up'?T.W. Kang, David Satterwhite
05/28/2019Naohiro Yashiro: Japan's New Immigration PolicyNaohiro Yashiro, Robert Dujarric
05/21/2019Book Talk: Peak JapanBrad Glosserman, Robert Dujarric
04/11/2019Nuclear, Panic, and Danger: Why Fear of Nuclear Threatens Japan’s Energy, Environmental, and National SecurityMichael Shellenberger, Kyle Cleveland
03/25/2019Renault-Nissan-Ghosn: Japanese justice in comparative perspectiveStephen Givens, David Litt, Hiroki Sasakura, Akiko Yamakawa, Yoichiro Yamakawa, Robert Dujarric
03/05/2019The Heisei Era: Radical Change or Prolonged Sclerosis?Nobuko Kobayashi, Robert Dujarric

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