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TUJ has decided to cancel the Information Session on March 8 and the One Day College Experience event on March 23, pursuant to the strong recommendations by governmental authorities to reduce the number of public gatherings.

Information Session

April 12, 2020

Come and learn about the many unique benefits of studying at Temple University, Japan Campus (TUJ).

One Day College Experience

This event has been canceled.

Spend a day at TUJ. Observe classes at an American University.

How to Make the Most of an Internship

Student Intern Interview: Astellas Pharma Inc.

Student Interview Image

Student Interview Video

On Changing Majors and Studying Art at Rome Campus

Temple Made in Tokyo video

"Temple Made in Tokyo" Video

See what it's like to be a student at TUJ in a video on YouTube.

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What Students Say about TUJ

Discovering Myself Within a Sea of Cultural Immersion

Watch the interview

Daniel Zarate

America / International Business Studies Major

"Know why you are here and focus on your studies."

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Shahad Turkistani

Saudi Arabia / International Affairs & Political Science Double Major, Asian Studies Minor

What It's Like Taking American-style Classes

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Kento Oshizaka

Japan / Economics & International Affairs Double Major

Summer Semester at TUJ

What better time to be in Japan than summer? Summer at TUJ offers a range of undergraduate classes along with topical courses focusing on contemporary Japan, some of which are not available during fall or spring semesters. Read more

Learn About Admissions

See a brief video introduction of admissions or read all about the TUJ admissions process. See more