Get Involved. Lead & Serve. Distinguish Yourself.

The Emerging Leaders Program is designed to help you develop leadership skills, gain life-long friendships, find opportunities to network, and prepare you for the global marketplace.

Earn credits

Receive 3 elective credits towards your degree.

Early start

Come to campus before Fall classes officially start for an intensive leadership experience, assist with TUJ new student orientation, and make new friends.

Enhance your resume

Together with a team, you will plan a major student activity that engages with the community as part of the Emerging Leaders course.


Learn from experts and network with community leaders as part of this experience.

Dinner with the Dean

Join Dean Wilson for a special dinner.


Picture of Elyka Nemoto

Elyka Nemoto

Emerging Leaders Program – Fall 2021

"ELP created an environment to have unique experiences and build a strong network in and outside of TUJ. We were able to take concepts from in class materials and immediately put them into action. I learned that leadership is a skill we all can learn from and implement into our lives in small or big ways. With opportunities after the program as well, ELP continues to help me grow into my version of leadership."

Picture of Simone Marant

Simone Marant

Emerging Leaders Program – Spring 2022

"Being a part of the Emerging Leaders Program has been among the highlights of my time at TUJ so far. Through honing our networking, event planning, collaborating, and other skills, we were able to not only learn about leadership but also put it into practice. There are so many memories to choose from but meeting Her Royal Highness Princess Takamado will always be my favorite!"

Picture of Chisato Odaka

Chisato Odaka

Emerging Leaders Program – Fall 2022

"The Emerging Leaders Program provided me an opportunity to learn leadership both in theory as well as practice, through meeting and gaining inspiration from successful leaders, to applying what we learned in organizing our own event. My experience as an ELP student truly helped me gain meaningful knowledge and most importantly, friends, both of which are now a valuable asset that motivates me to become more active in the TUJ community."

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