Assistant Professor

Dariusz Skowronski, Ph.D.

Social and Behavioural Sciences


Areas of Expertise

Dariusz Skowronski is a fully qualified Lecturer and Researcher in Psychological and Social Sciences, with a strong academic background in Psychology, Sexuality Studies, and Cross-Cultural Studies.

The fields of his academic expertise include: clinical and counseling psychology, psychotherapy, online counseling, behavioral psychology and neuroscience, human sexuality and gender studies, health psychology, cross-cultural psychology, social psychology, and research methodology.

Teaching Interests

Clinical psychology and Psychopathology, Behavioral Psychology, Health Psychology, Human Sexuality, Clinical Sexology, Cross-Cultural Studies in the Japanese Context, Women Studies, Online counseling and Psychotherapy.


Human Sexuality in the Japanese context, Sexuality Counseling, Online counseling and Psychotherapy.

Recently Dariusz Skowronski has been focused on developing the research program aiming at delivering the applied framework for the reconstruction and enrichment of public and intimate spheres in Japan, including the changes in marriage and family structure, as well as the young generation's social transition and the development of the cross-cultural and international competency in the Japanese context from the psychological, anthropological and sociological perspectives.

Representative Publications

Chapters in Books


Clinical Sexologist, Polish Sexological Society, Warsaw, Poland
PhD. in Social and Behavioral Sciences and Pedagogy, Adam Mickiewicz University, Faculty of Educational Studies, Poznan, Poland
Master's Degree in Psychology, The Institute of Psychology, Faculty of Social Sciences, Adam Mickiewicz University, Poznan, Poland

Professional Associations