Assistant Professor

Irene Herrera, M.A.

Communications, FMA


Areas of Expertise

Irene Herrera brings expertise in both the theory and practice of filmmaking and photography to her courses, with a primary focus on documentaries, visual anthropology, and ethnography.

Teaching Interests

Irene Herrera teaches courses related to film theory, filmmaking, and the history of documentary films and other visual media. As a co-instructor of the Neighborhood Narratives course, she encourages students to explore Tokyo using an anthropological angle and a wide array of visual and multimedia technologies.


Irene Herrera's current research, entitled "Viewing Another Culture Through the Lens: Nikkeijin in Brazil," is part of her Ph.D. coursework in photography. This study seeks to employ photography as a medium for ethnographic and anthropological research.

Representative Publications


M.A. in Filmmaking, Nihon University, Tokyo, Japan
B.A. in Mass Communications and Art, Andres Bello Catholic University, Caracas, Venezuela

Professional Associations