Associate Professor

Kyle Cleveland, Ph.D.


Associate Director of ICAS


Areas of Expertise

Associate Professor Cleveland's expertise ranges from political and theoretical sociology to race and ethnicity, popular culture and ideology.

Teaching Interests

Associate Professor Cleveland has taught at TUJ since 1990. He currently teaches the courses Sociology of Race and Racism and Ideology and Social Changes in Japan. He has also presented courses on Japanese culture, criminology, and political sociology.


Associate Professor Cleveland's research interests focus on Japanese popular culture and ethnic identity in relation to globalization and social changes in contemporary Japan. Associate Professor Cleveland supervises both American based university students on short-term study abroad, and locally enrolled students with long-term visa sponsorship who study at TUJ. As the founding Director of TUJ's Institute of Contemporary Asian Studies, he has supervised special programmes in Japanese popular culture and visual media studies, organized a lecture series, and produced events and symposia related to contemporary political issues. Through the Wakai Project, he organizes a series of events in which students from various universities, scholars, activists, and media collaborate to address how globalization is affecting youth culture in Japan.

Representative Publications