The Future of Japan, The Future of the World

The Responsibilities of Living in a Global Society:
Finding Shared Solutions to the Environmental Crisis

The idea for this symposium arose from a small global society in Sangen-jaya, Tokyo (aka Sancha), where Temple University, Japan Campus (TUJ), Showa Women’s University (SWU), and the British School in Tokyo (BST) share the same campus complex. Students from all three institutions will discuss how they can deepen their multicultural understanding and find shared solutions to the environmental crisis.

Date:  Saturday, June 25, 2022 13:00-16:45


This event will be held in-person.

A. Main venue - Cosmos Hall at SWU
B. Satellite venue 1 - Aurora Hall at SWU
C. Satellite venue 2 - Shimada Parliament at TUJ

Languages:  English, Japanese 



Opening Remarks by SWU Chancellor Mariko Bando


Keynote Speech by Angela Ortiz Pettas, public speaker and social impact entrepreneur




Roundtable Discussion 
●    Theme 1: Sustainable Food Choices in Cosmos Hall at SWU 
●    Theme 2: Sustainable Transportation in Parliament at TUJ 
●    Theme 3: Reduction of Carbon Emissions in Aurora Hall at SWU  



15:45   Plenary Session and report of each group’s discussion
16:30   Critique of discussions by BST Principal Paul Tough  
Closing Remarks by TUJ Dean Matthew Wilson


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Keynote Speaker:

photo of Angela Ortiz Pettas

Angela Ortiz Pettas is a public speaker, social impact entrepreneur, CSR professional and author. She began her career in early childhood education and transitioned into social impact by establishing a community-building non-profit, “Place To Grow”, in response to the triple disasters of 2011 in northeast Japan. Pettas is recognized as a recovery support ambassador to the city of Minamisanriku-cho, in Miyagi Prefecture. In 2016, she moved into corporate social responsibility and has since helped various multinational corporations activate social and environmental programs. In 2021, she founded the brand Stratechist Consulting, to advise international schools and corporations on education and activation of the UN Sustainable Development Goals.