Areas of Expertise

Jeremy Chambers specializes in academic writing for both native English speakers as well as secondary language speakers.

Teaching Interests

Jeremy Chambers teaches courses based on modeling and argumentative writing, with topics ranging from impact of the internet/anonymity on communication, influence of culture/language, and how the mind can be manipulated by external/internal factors.


Jeremy Chambers’ research has been focused on communication, both written and spoken, and material/course development. Recent projects have included analysis of student support needs in writing classes, expectations across departments on what students can produce in their writings, insight into pronunciation patterns in English, and material development aimed at more fluent non-native English speaking.

Representative Publications


  • Chambers, J. (2020, November). Teaching the Why of English Oral and Aural Skills [Presentation]. JALT 2020.
  • Keefe, K., Arnold, S., & Chambers, J. (2020, October). How to Improve Student Engagement and Build Community in the Online Classroom: Challenges in a First-Year Writing Program and the Most Effective Practices [Presentation].TUJ Research and Creative Department: Teaching Café.
  • Keefe, K. and Chambers, J. (2020, February). Developing Research Skills in 1st year College Students [Presentation]. TUJ Research and Creative Department: Teaching Café.
  • Keefe, K. and Chambers, J. (2019, November). Research Skills in 1st-Year College Students [Presentation]. JALT 2019.
  • Chambers, J. (2019, November). Practical Teaching Strategies: Academic Sources [Presentation]. JALT 2019.
  • Chambers, J., Littleton, A., and Mitchel, S. (2019, November). On the Stereotyping of East-Asian Learners and Autonomy [Presentation]. Meisei 9th Annual Professional Development Forum.
  • Chambers, J., Littleton, A., and Mitchel, S. (2019, June). Learner Attitudes toward Autonomy at a Vocational School in Japan [Presentation]. 6th Annual Conference on Global Higher Education. 
  • Chambers, J. (2019, April). On Determining What is an Academic Source vs. Not When Conducting Research [Presentation]. Nagoya University 4th International Symposium on Academic Writing and Critical Thinking. 
  • Chambers, J. (2018, November). Classical Music's Positive Effect on English Study [Presentation]. JALT 2018.
  • Chambers, J. (2018, November). L2 Learners: Salt and Pepper vs Pepper and Salt [Presentation]. JALT 2018.
  • Chambers, J. (2017, November). Reflexive Pattern Identification in Non-native English Speakers [Presentation]. Meisei 7th Annual Professional Development Forum.
  • Ahn, S., and Chambers, J. (2020, February). First Year Writing Students' Reactions to Instructors' Perceived Need for Reading Support System: Lessons from Survey and Pilot Study [Presentation]. TUJ Research and Creative Department: Brown Bag Lunch Lecture.
  • Takekuchi, M., and Chambers, J. (2016, June). Overview of the importance of correct body usage on perfecting English pronunciation; Breathing, Stress, Timing, and Rhythm [Presentation]. 15th Annual Biotech International Conference.

Research – Peer Review

  • Ozaki, T. (2017). Analysis of the Suburbanization of the Indigenous Pastoral Living Areas in Mongolia.Academiae Scientiarium Mongolii. Studia Ethnologica Instituti Historiae. Vol XXV 1-19. Translations by Chambers, J. ISSN 0502-7853
  • Konagaya, Y. (2017). Characteristics and Transformation of the Pastoral System in Mongolia. Academiae Scientiarium Mongolii. Studia Ethnologica Instituti Historiae. Vol XXV 1-19. Translations by Chambers, J., Chambers, K. Shimamura, I. ISSN 0502-7853
  • Chambers, J. (2014) Japanese Student Perception on Ambient Western Classical Music and Conversational English Education. ProQuest Dissertation Publishing. ISBN 9781321839869

Research – Non-Peer Review


  • Chambers, J. (2016). Natural Reduced American Pronunciation Part 4: Word Reduction and Nasal Plosive Sounds.
  • Chambers, J. (2016). Natural Reduced American Pronunciation Part 3: Dropped Yes/No Interrogatives.
  • Chambers, J. (2015). Natural Reduced American Pronunciation Part 2: Removal of the letter “h” in pronouns and auxiliary verbs.
  • Chambers, J. (2015). Natural Reduced American Pronunciation Part 1: Dropped Swallowed Consonants.
  • Chambers, J. (2010). Fushimi Inari Shrine; An brief introduction. Online Magazine Article available at 


Ph.D. in Higher Education Administration, University of Phoenix

M.A.Ed. in Curriculum Development and Instruction with a Specialization in ESL Education, University of Phoenix

B.A. in Education, Siena Heights University

A.A. in General Studies, St. Clair Community College

Previous Appointments

  • Adjunct Professor, Temple University, Japan Campus (2016-2020)
  • Instructor, College of Business and Communication (2017-2020)
  • Instructor, Musashino University (2017-2020)
  • Instructor, Meisei University (2016-2019)

Professional Associations

  • Japan Association for Language Teaching (JALT)