Check-in starts at 12:00 on the first floor of Hitomi Memorial Hall, Showa Women's University.

12:00-13:00 Check-in, regalia pick up & fitting

13:30-14:00 Rehearsal

14:20   Line-up

14:30-16:30 Ceremony

16:30-17:00 Group Photo Session

All graduates are requested to have completed check-in by 13:00.
Rehearsal will begin at 13:30 sharp, so please be on time.

Regalia Purchase Information

Graduates are required to wear academic regalia as a policy of Temple University Main Campus. You can purchase regalia at a discounted price from Yanks (see below). Further details and ordering information are available on the Yanks' Regalia Order Form.

Order your regalia by April 24.

  A.A. B.A. / B.S. LL.M. / MiM / M.S.Ed. Ph.D.
What you wear Gown
Cap with a Tassel
Cap with a Tassel
Cap with a Tassel
Cap with a Tassel
Price (all items included) 4,900 yen 6,700 yen 7,300 yen 8,300 yen


*UG graduates, reconfirm the degree you earned based on what you majored in (see below).

A.A.:Associate of Arts

B.A.:Art, Asian Studies, Communications/Communication Studies, Economics, General Studies, International Affairs, Japanese, Political Science, Psychological Studies

B.S.:International Business Studies

Note the prices shown above are for the set. If you'd like to purchase each item individually, contact the vendor, Yanks, directly via email at info@yanks.co.jp or phone at 03-3408-4026.

Shipping Option

You can choose to receive your regalia at the site of the commencement ceremony on the day or to have it shipped before the ceremony to an address you specify.

To have your regalia shipped, select the shipping option on the order form. Your regalia will be delivered about 10 days before the ceremony. There will be an additional postage and handling fee of 920 yen. No overseas shipping is available.

TUJ2021 Graduation Ceremony


Graduation Ceremony

The TUJ 2021 Graduation Ceremony will be held at Hitomi Memorial Hall on the campus of Showa Women's University.


Hitomi Memorial Hall
1-7-57 Taishido, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo

Maps & directions to the Hall


Temple University, Japan Campus
1-14-29 Taishido, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo

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