Tokyo is susceptible to Typhoons (Hurricanes). Typhoon season is typically from May to October. Generally, Typhoons bring a lot of rain and high winds which may cause transport stoppages, landslides and dangerous conditions outside. When typhoons hit Tokyo it is best to stay indoors.

In the event of a strong typhoon approaching Tokyo, TUJ will send out an email informing students that a typhoon is approaching and that we are monitoring the situation.

If the typhoon is predicted to hit TUJ with 24 hours with high intensity winds during operational hours, we may decide to cancel classes. In case of class cancellations, notices will be placed on the TUJ website and e-mail will be sent to students' TUmail accounts.

You can check the status of approaching typhoons on the Japan Meteorological Agency's website below.


In the event of a fire at TUJ we may need to evacuate the building. Please become familiar with the evacuation maps on the wall near each classroom. They contain information regarding exits, fire extinguishers, etc.

In case of fire

  • Alert staff member about the fire and raise the alarm.
  • If the fire cannot be put out or is too big, be prepared to evacuate the building. Follow floor safety officer directions and evacuate the building. See evacuation area maps for each building here.