Robert Nelson was awarded a Ph.D. in ESL and Applied Linguistics by Purdue University in 2008. Previously, he was an Assistant Professor of ESL at the University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, and a Visiting Assistant Professor at Murray State University in Kentucky. He has seventeen years of experience teaching ESL and second language writing, including five years in Japan. His research approaches language and language learning from a complex adaptive systems perspective, and employs a diverse array of methods, including statistical and neural network models and corpus analysis. His work has been published in Language Learning, the Modern Language JournalSecond Language Research, and the Mental Lexicon.

Recent publications:

  • Nelson, R. (Submitted). How Chunky Is Language? A method for prior estimates based on the Idiom Principle. Corpora.
  • Nelson, R. (Submitted). Formulaic Sequence Learning and Function Words in Learner Corpora. The International Journal of Learner Corpus Research.
  • Liu, D. and Nelson, R. (2016). Teaching Language as a System. Routledge Handbook of English Language Teaching.
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Ph.D., Purdue University