Areas of Expertise

Assistant Professor Roser has been teaching a variety of religion courses at TUJ since 1995, and the course titled Intellectual Heritage (I) since 2003. 

Teaching Interests

As an undergraduate majoring in religion at Temple University in Philadelphia, Assistant Professor Roser developed a life-long interest in religious matters, especially Zen Buddhism. After receiving his B.A., he attended specific graduate courses for many years. Eventually, however, he wanted more direct experience of Buddhism. With a letter of introduction from one of Temple's religion professors, he obtained a cultural visa and was admitted into a Buddhist practice group within the Daitokuji monastery in Kyoto. After six years, Professor Roser decided to stay in Japan, and eventually earned a master's degree in education at Temple's Osaka branch campus. Later, after coming to the TUJ campus in Tokyo in 1989 to teach English to non-native English learners, he completed a master's degree in religion and was subsequently asked to teach religion courses in the CLA.


M.S. in religion, Temple University

M.Ed. (TESOL), Temple University, Japan Campus

B.A. in religion, Temple University