Areas of Expertise

Karl Neubert is an award-winning filmmaker whose expertise includes all aspects and genres of film and TV production, as well as film theory, the history of U.S. and Japanese cinema, event organization, subtitling and Japanese culture.

Teaching Interests

Neubert has taught entry, intermediate and advanced level film production courses, as well as special topic-based classes on subjects such as U.S. cinema, alternative cinema, music video and the portrayal of cis and transgender women in the media. He is also the director of Temple University Japan's Student Film Festival.


Having obtained three decades of field experience in film production on top of his formal education in cinema and media arts, Neubert’s strength is the ability to compare and analyze film from a holistic perspective. His current creative activities and research are focused on international co-production, the aesthetical merits of adapting vintage lenses to digital cameras and capturing the ‘transience of things’ (mono no aware) reflected in the beauty of gradually decaying houses and objects with his camera.

Representative Publications

  • First Assistant Director of Cherry Blossoms and Demons. Dir. Doris Doerrie. Perf. Golo Euler, Aya Irizuki, Kirin Kiki, Elmar Wepper, Hannelore Elsner. Constantin Film, 2019. Film.
  • First Assistant Director of Fukushima Mon Amour. Dir. Doris Doerrie. Perf. Kaori Momoi, Rosalie Thomass. Majestic, 2016. Film.
  • Japanese Subtitle and Narration Supervisor of Germany From Above – The Movie. Dir. Petra Hoefer, Freddie Roeckenhaus. Universum Film, 2013. Film.
  • German and English Script Supervisor and Casting of Ski Jumping Pairs: Road to Torino. Dir. Masaki Kobayashi. Perf. Antonio Inoki, Keijiro Shiga, Kazuyoshi Funaki. TV Man Union, 2006. Film.
  • Co-Director and Producer of sur|FACE – 14 Contemporary Japanese Architects. Director: Roland Hagenberg, Karl Neubert. Uplink, 2003. Film.
  • Writer and Associate Producer of Myunhen yori Ai wo Komete. Dir. Yuriko Okada. Perf. Josephine Jacob, Rainer Matsutani, Vincent Courtens, Cornelia Saborowski. NHK EDTV, 2001. TV Series.
  • Line Producer of Sneaking In: Donald Richie's Life in Film. Dir. PRINZGAU/podgorschek. Navigator Film, 2001. Film.
  • Line Producer of L+R (el and ar). Dir. Edgar Honetschlaeger. Perf. Yukika Kudo, Hideyo Amamoto, Toshimitsu Imai. Fischer Film, 2000. Film.
  • Line Producer of Enlightenment Guaranteed. Dir. Doris Doerrie. Perf. Uwe Ochsenknecht, Gustav Peter Woehler. Megaherz TV Fernsehproduktion GmbH, 1999. Film.
  • Director and Producer of The Turns of The Wheel. Perf. Tomorowo Taguchi, Dean Harrington, Nobu Kanaoka, Min Iwata. Angura Pictures, 1997. Short Film.

Previous Appointments

Assistant Professor, Department for Film and Media Arts, Temple University Japan Campus (2017-2019)
Adjunct Professor, Department for Film and Media Arts, Temple University Japan Campus (2004-2016)
Adjunct Professor, Department of Intercultural Studies, Kyoritsu Women’s University (1995-1997)


PhD(c) in Film Studies, Graduate School of Art, Nihon University, Japan

M.F.A. in Imaging Arts and Sciences, Graduate School for Imaging Art and Sciences, Musashino Art University, Japan

M.A. in Japanese Studies and Communication Sciences, Graduate School of Philosophy, Munich University (LMU), Germany

Diploma of Japanese Language Program for MEXT in Japanese Language and Culture, Department of Language and Culture Studies, Hokkaido University, Japan

Professional Associations

  • Directors' Guild of Japan