Judy Noguchi is Professor Emerita of Kobe Gakuin University, where she served as the first Dean of the Faculty of Global Communication. She has been involved in English for Specific Purposes since the start of her career and has worked on developing teaching methods and materials for ESP.

Recent publications:

  • Asano, M. & Noguchi, J. (2017). Linguistic features of discussion sections of English medical research paper genres and their pedagogical implications. JACET Selected Papers Vol. 4. 55-83.
  • Noguchi, J., Misaki, A., Miyanaga, S., & Terui, M. (2016). Towards a robust, genre-based translation model and its application. In Handbook of Japanese Applied Linguistics (ed.) Masahiko Minami, 385-414.
  • Noguchi, J. (2016). Revisiting the construction of knowledge in science. Journal of Global Communication Studies. Vol. 1, March 2016, 3-17.
  • Hattori, K., Hidaka, T., Yamashita, Y., Matsuda, K., & Noguchi, J. (2016). Science Frontiers: Developing Your English with National Geographic. Cengage Learning: Tokyo. (student textbook)
  • Tsujimoto, T., Noguchi, J., Miyama, A., Mukuhira, J., Kirimura, R., & Murao, J. (2015). Getting Global! Engineer Your Future with English. Kinseido: Tokyo. (student textbook)
  • Kunioshi, N., Noguchi, J., Hayashi, H., & Tojo, K. (2015). Supporting English-medium pedagogy through an online corpus of science and engineering lectures. European Journal of Engineering Education, 41:3:293-303.
  • Noguchi, J. (2009) Reviewing science in an information-overloaded world. In Academic Evaluation: Review Genres in University Settings. (eds) Ken Hyland and Giuliana Diani, 2009:34-49 Palgrave Macmillan

Ph.D., University of Birmingham