Atsushi Mizumoto, Ph.D. in Foreign Language Education, is Associate Professor of Applied Linguistics at the Faculty of Foreign Language Studies, Kansai University, Japan. He has been teaching language assessment and corpus linguistics at Graduate School of Foreign Language Education and Research, Kansai University. He is the recipient of Best Academic Paper Award from Japan Society of English Language Education in the Year of 2014. His current research interests include vocabulary learning and teaching, self-regulated learning, and language assessment.

Recent publications:

  • Mizumoto, A. (2013). Effects of self-regulated vocabulary learning process on self-efficacy. Innovation in Language Learning and Teaching, 7, 253–265.
  • Mizumoto, A. (2013). Enhancing self-efficacy in vocabulary learning: A self-regulated learning approach. Vocabulary Learning and Instruction, 2, 15–24.
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Ph.D., Kansai University