Areas of Expertise

Dr. Hongo's expertise ranges from corporate finance and valuation to corporate management based on his experiences in a global management consulting firm and as a corporate officer of a Japanese company.

Teaching Interests

Dr. Hongo teaches courses in finance and valuation. He has taught in the MBA program at the International University of Japan as a part-time lecturer since 2002, and has also taught at various universities such as Sophia University, Rikkyo University, and International Christian University.


  • "Review of Value-Based Measurement among Japanese Companies from the Perspective of Corporate Metrics" 「企業価値創造経営の再評価 経営指標の観点から」, Aoyama Accounting Review (3), 2013, pp.57-64.
  • "Decision Making for Consistent Growth" 「持続的成長を可能にする意思決定とは」, Rikkyo Business Review (4), 2011, pp.39-48.
  • "Effects of Foreign Shareholders on Corporate Governance — Empirical Analysis of Executive Compensation and Stock Options" 「コーポレート・ガバナンスに外国人株主が与える影響 経営者報酬・ストックオプション導入の実証研究を通じて」, Japanese Journal of Administrative Science (23), 2010, pp.93-106.
  • "Does Environmental Management Increase Firm Value? — Empirical Analysis of Firm Value using Nikkei's Environmental Management Survey"「環境経営は企業価値を高めるのか -環境経営度調査を用いた企業価値分析」, Journal of Social Science (64), 2008, pp.257-268.
  • "EVA dounyu niyoru kachi souzou keiei no igi" (The Significance of Value-based Management with EVA Implementation)「EVA導入による価値創造経営の意義」, Aoyama Management Review (6), 2004, pp.4-13.

Representative Publications

  • "Soshiki wo ugokasu Keieikanri" (Management Control System Practitioners' Guide)「組織を動かす経営管理」, Chuokeizai, 2016
  • "Introduction to Bilingual Corporate Finance" 「対訳 英語で学ぶコーポレートファイナンス入門」, Chuokeizai, 2014
  • "Business Finance 2nd Edition" 「図解 ビジネスファイナンス(第2版)」, Chuokeizai, 2012
  • "Kaisha no Monosashi" (Corporate Metrics) 「会社のものさし ~実学「読む」経営指標入門」, Toyo Keizai, 2011


Ph.D. International Christian University

M.B.A. International University of Japan

B.A. Keio University

Previous Appointments

Prior to joining TUJ, Dr. Hongo was in charge of business planning, financial management, accounting, human resources, legal, compliance, general affairs, international business development, and supply chain management at Recruit Management Solutions Co., Ltd.

Dr. Hongo started his business career at Nippon Steel Co., Ltd. He then led a value-based consulting practice in Japan and served as country representative for Stern Stewart & Co., a global consulting firm focusing on corporate finance and innovating EVA framework.

Professional Associations

  • Nippon Finance Association