Areas of Expertise

Ada Angel has extensive experience teaching English as a Second Language with special emphasis on writing and content-based instruction.


Her research interests include teacher feedback and its influence on students' writing, and the role of revision in writing achievement.

Representative Publications

  • Angel, A. A. (1994). "Narrating with Video." In K.M. Bailey and L.Savage (1994). New Ways in Teaching Speaking. Alexandria, VA:TESOL, 117.
  • Angel A. A. (1991). "Omitting the Relative Pronoun That." In Temple University Japan Studies in Applied Linguistic Series: Grammar Consciousness-Raising Tasks, 8(1):213.
  • Angel A. A. (1991). "Embedded Questions: Do you know and Could you tell me." In Temple University Japan Studies in Applied Linguistics: Grammar-Consciousness Raising Tasks, 8(1):267.


Doctor of Education (Instruction, Curriculum, and Technology), Temple University, Japan Campus

Master of Education, Temple University, Japan Campus

Bachelor of Arts, Temple University, Japan Campus