Last update: January 2024

Upon completion of 80 semester hours including transfer credits, bachelor's degree candidates (40 credits for Associate's degree candidates) should request graduation review with an academic advisor from the Academic Advising Center to determine whether or not they are meeting the university, college, and major requirements for their degree.

In the graduation review appointment, students will be informed of the outstanding requirements they will have to complete in order to graduate. Students who choose not to meet an advisor will assume full responsibility for errors and absence of relevant information which may impact their graduation eligibility.

Students must submit the Application for Graduation through Self-Service Banner (SSB) by the last day of regular undergraduate courses of one prior semester to their final semester (i.e. Spring graduation candidates must submit the form by the last day of regular undergraduate courses of a Fall semester). Students can find the exact date on the academic calendar. The application deadline is always absolute, and no late application will be accepted.

The Commencement Exercise (Graduation Ceremony) of TUJ is typically held once a year between the end of May and the middle of June. The exact date, time, and location will be posted on TUJ's website accordingly. Successful graduates in Summer and Fall and Spring graduation candidates will receive the invitation from TUJ Dean's Office.

Students must clear all outstanding balance in their tuition account and unreturned item to the Library in order to receive their diploma.

Diploma will be shipped to students' "Diploma Mailing Address" that they are to indicate on the Application for Graduation. Students may also request transcripts or other certificates at the Registrar's Office.

Notice to Students Who Have TUJ-Sponsored Student Visas

There are specific student visa policies related to graduation. If students have a TUJ-sponsored visa, read the section on the visa page regarding graduation BEFORE applying for graduation.

TUJ can no longer sponsor students' visa once they have finished their studies here. However, they may be able to stay in Japan if they switch to another visa status or find another sponsor. Read the information on the page below for more details.

Petition for Non-graduates to attend University Commencement Ceremony

Students who meet eligibility requirements may appeal for a permission to participate in Commencement activities by submitting a digital petition form . This is informally known as “Early Walk.” 

Eligible students must be within 2 courses or 8 credit hours of meeting their degree requirements or receive special permission from the Dean’s Office. Progress toward degree requirements will be verified by the Academic Advising Center upon submission of the petition.

Students not currently meeting GPA requirements for graduation must demonstrate they will be able to meet this requirement within their remaining credit hours. Courses with Incomplete grades will not count as completed credits.

The deadline is indicated on the Spring semester academic calendar. Students will receive a timely decision about their petition upon submission and are encouraged to submit the petition in advance of the deadline.