Last update: August 2021

1. Submit the Graduation Application (at least 1 semester prior to your graduating semester)

[1-1] Students who have submitted their graduation application before the deadline listed in the TUJ Academic Calendar will receive the Graduation Preview email before the [Last Day to Add] in their graduating semester. Please keep a lookout for this email and revise your course registration accordingly if needed.

If you had submitted your graduation application on time but did not receive a Graduation Preview email by the ADD deadline (and it is not in your Spam folder), please contact the AAC immediately.

Due to possible delays in the sending out of Graduation Preview emails, it is highly recommended for students nearing graduation to schedule an appointment with an academic advisor in advance (at least 1 semester prior to your graduating semester) to conduct the graduation review.

[1-2] Upon review of your academic history at the end of your graduating semester, if it is determined that you have NOT met all necessary degree requirements, you will be notified by an academic advisor through your Temple email account.

If you have any questions regarding the graduation application, please contact the AAC (

Latin Honors

To be eligible for Latin Honors, at least 60 credits must be completed at Temple University, and the final cumulative GPA must meet the qualifying standards.

You may view the full policy as well as the qualifying cumulative GPA on the Temple Undergraduate Bulletin .

2. Pay the Graduation Fee

If you submitted your graduation application before the deadline, the Graduation Fee will appear on your tuition statement sent on the first day of classes on your graduating semester. This fee is a one-time fee and will not be charged again if it was already paid.

If you do not pay your Graduation Fee, your diploma and final transcript will not be issued.

For questions or concerns regarding Tuition billing and payment, please contact TUJ’s Bursar's Office at

3. Check Your Diploma Name

If you are having your name legally changed, follow the instructions to update your record.

For questions regarding Name Change, please contact TUJ’s Registrar's Office at


If you are academically cleared and do not have holds on your student record, you will be contacted via email with information on how to obtain your digital diploma, as well as instructions on how to request a print diploma.

If you have questions or concerns about the status of your diploma, please view the Office of the University Registrar webpage here: .

* All diplomas are issued from Temple Main Campus, so TUJ offices would not be able to respond to any queries concerning diploma issuance. Please view the Office of the University Registrar webpage for details.

4. Review Your Student Account

Make sure any holds against your university account are removed at least two weeks prior to the end of your graduating semester.

To find out if your account has any outstanding holds, check TU Portal > Student Tools (top tab) > Records (middle right side) > View Holds

* You may not be able to request for official documents (e.g. transcripts, diploma) if you have a Hold on your account.

5. Commencement

Visit the TUJ Commencement website for information on the Graduation Ceremony, Regalia, etc.

Students who submitted their graduation application on time and have successfully completed all remaining requirements will receive the Graduation Update email which would include the general Commencement information. Please keep a lookout for this email which would be sent out at least 1-2 weeks after all final grades have been posted.

If you do not have any pending grades but did not receive a Graduation Update email by the given timeline (and it is not in your Spam folder), please contact the AAC immediately.

For any questions concerning the Graduation Ceremony which is not answered in the Commencement website, please contact the TUJ Commencement Team at