About the Services


Experienced and trained tutors can help you with your writing. You will become a more effective and independent writer as tutors help you understand writing choices and processes. Tutors can:

  • help you understand assignments, get ideas, and plan your writing
  • provide feedback on drafts—on content, organization, clarity and language
  • answer your questions
  • help you with all kinds of writing—essays, peer critiques, summaries, research papers, presentations, reports, projects, stories, resumes—whatever you need help with

Tutors can also help you develop reading strategies and understand and analyze course readings. Help developing strategies for lecture listening and note-taking is also available. Tutoring is also offered in math and statistics, Japanese, economics and many other subjects—depending on student needs and tutor availability. Tutors can also advise you as you prepare for exams and help you develop strategies and study skills for success in all your courses.

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Self-Access Independent Study

The TLC has resources for self-access independent study for use in the TLC for students studying to improve their English language skills.