Last Update: May 2017

Virginia Anami (Adjunct Professor of Asian Studies)

  • "The Qidan's Last Stand: Frontier Fortresses Control Sacred Pastureland". [契丹の最後の拠点―草原を守る辺境の砦], Japanese Diplomacy magazine. 外交 (Gaikoo): vol 30. March, 2015. pp.108-113.

Ron Carr (Associate Professor of Communications, Film and Media Art)

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Book Section

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James Brown (Associate Professor of Political Science)


Book Section


Matthew Chozick (Adjunct Faculty of First Year Writing/Japanese)

  • "Eating Murasaki Shikibu: Scriptworlds, Reverse-Importation, and The Tale of Genji." Journal of World Literature, 2016.

Kyle Cleveland (Associate Professor of Sociology)

Marielle Gorissen-van Eenige (Adjunct Faculty of Psychological Studies)


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Journal Articles

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Beryl Hawkins (Adjunct Faculty of Communications)

Shawn Higgins (Instructor of AEP)

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Sachiko Horiguchi (Associate Professor of Anthropology)


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Book Section


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Alistair Howard (Associate Dean for Academic Affairs)

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Tin Tin Htun (Adjunct Faculty of Psychological Studies and Asian Studies)

Book Section

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Masaki Kakizaki (Assistant Professor of Political Science)

Jeff Kingston (Director and Professor of Asian Studies)

Selected Articles

Book Section

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Edited Books

Ian Lyman (Adjunct Faculty of Art)

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Ferdinand Max Maquito (Adjunct Faculty of Economics)

Book Selection

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Yuka Matsuhashi (Adjunct Instructor of Japanese)

Mai Matsuno (Adjunct Faculty of Freshman Writing Program)

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  • "The Writing Experiences of NNES Scholars: A Literature Review for Future Research in Japan (英語を母国語としない学者のライティング経験ー日本における将来的研究に向けての文献的考察)." Educational Studies, vol. 56, pp. 147-155, 2013.

John Mock (Adjunct Faculty of Asian Studies)


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Book Selection

  • "Hidden behind Tokyo: Observations on the Rest of Japan" Critical Issues in Contemporary Japan. New York: Routledge 2014.

Mariko Nagai (Associate Professor of Japanese Literature and Creative Writing, Director of Research)

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Book Section

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Taro Nettleton (Adjunct Faculty of Art History)

Karl Neubert (Adjunct Professor of Communications)

  • Nakamura, Chie. "Vuritsuen Ni Chiru Sakura: Nichi Ei Dokugoban: Doitsu De Densenbyo to Tatakatta Nihonjin Ishi Koenuma Nobutsugu No Monogatari." Content Editor and German Translation. Kaihatsusha, 2012.

Patrick Rosenkjar (Professor of Intellectual Heritage)

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Book Section

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Junko Saito (Assistant Professor of Japanese)

Kaoru Sakurai (Assistant Professor of Art)


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Hirohisa Shimura (Adjunct Faculty of Finance)

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Book Section

    "Health Care in Japan" in Thomas E. Getzen, ed. Health Economics and Financing, fifth edition. Hoboken, etc: Wiley, 2013.

Dariusz Piotr Skowronski (Adjunct Faculty of Psychological Studies)

Chapters in Books

  • Skowronski, D., & Waszynska, K. (2016). "Wprowadzenie do poradnictwa i psychoterapii przez internet – podstawowe założenia i implikacje kliniczne [The Introduction to the Internet Counselling and Psychotherapy – principles and clinical implications]". In M. Filipiak, & K. Waszynska (Eds.). Współczesne konteksty psychoterapii i socjoterapii – wybrane zagadnienia z teorii i praktyki (pp. 31-46). Poznan: Wydawnictwo Naukowe Uniwersytetu im Adama Mickiewicza. Seria Psychologia I Pedagogika nr 227.
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Peer-reviewed Journals

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Akira Takaoka (Adjunct Faculty of Communications)

    "J. S. バッハ《平均律クラヴィーア曲集第1巻》「前奏曲ハ長調」の和声とリズム (The Harmonies and Rhythms in 'Prelude in C Major' from J. S. Bach's Well-Tempered Clavier, Book 1)." 『芸術教育研究』(Studies in Art Education), pp. 74-79, 2014.

Asako Yamaguchi (Assistant Professor of Japanese)

  • "留学生の就職活動支援について① 外国人学生の就職環境 (Study Abroad Students and Career Center: The Environment Surrounding Jobs for Foreign Students)." JALT Japanese as a Second Language Newsletter, vol. 11, issue 2, no. 26, 2014.
  • "留学生の就職活動支援について②テンプル大学ジャパンでの実践(Study Abroad Students and Career Center: Example from Temple University Japan Campus)." JALT JSL SIG Newsletter, vol. 12, no. 1, issue 27, 2015.