Dear students, staff and faculty:


We have updated a few of our COVID protocol documents.

The main changes to the TUJ protocols are as follows:

  • to clarifiy, if an employee or student has been fully vaccinated, a shorter period of quarantine and self-monitoring applies to them in the event they are identified as having been in "close contact" with another member of the TUJ community who is positive or presumed positive for COVID-19.
  • Reduced quarantine period for fully vaccinated students arriving from overseas.

Modified protocol docs are as follows:

TUJ - Employee Tests Positive
TUJ - Employee Safety
TUJ - Student Vaccine Reporting, Testing, Contact Tracing, Quarantine and Isolation
TUJ - Student Safety
TUJ - Cleaning and Disinfecting

Note, unlike Main Campus, we have not introduced vaccination mandates.

Please login to the and click on the "COVID-19 Information" tab to review these protocols. The modified protocols are highlighted below.

Updated Covid 19 Protocols