Dear TUJ community:

Although this does not impact the overwhelming majority of the TUJ community, we did want to notify you as a precaution that a non-TUJ affiliated resident in one of the apartments at the Hakusan facility used by some of our students tested positive for COVID-19 yesterday. Two TUJ students are potential close contacts of the non-TUJ affiliated resident so they are currently self-isolating as a precautionary measure. At this time, the two students do not show any signs of sickness.

Public health officials will be constantly assessing the situation. The public areas in the Hakusan apartment facility have been deep cleaned this morning. TUJ is actively monitoring this particular situation while continually assessing the risks of COVID-19. As we deliver a quality education to our students, it is our objective to keep the safety of our students and employees as the highest priority.

Thank you for your efforts to observe all protective measures (masks, hand hygiene, social distancing, ventilation, and cleanliness) with a sense of care, kindness, and commitment to keeping our community safe. Although we are fortunate to see the number of COVID cases drop significantly here in Tokyo and across Japan again, it is important that we all remain vigilant. We appreciate your cooperation in this regard.

TUJ Dean
Matthew Wilson