In recognition of the government’s request to refrain from non-essential excursions after 8:00 pm, we will make the following adjustments for Osaka classes during the SOE period.

Osaka Master's Classes (Monday-Friday): The classes will be online starting January 14, and will stay online during the SOE period. Please expect to get the Zoom link for your next online class from your professor directly.

Osaka Ph.D. Classes (Friday evening and Saturday afternoon):
Dr. Nelson's class - First week classes will be in-person and end before 8:00 pm. This will occur on Friday, January 15 from 18:00-20:00 and Saturday, January 16 from 14:00-17:00. We will follow all recommend safety protocols in holding classes. Due to the travel advisory between Tokyo and Osaka, Dr. Nelson's class will move to online after this weekend until the SOE period ends.
Dr. Swenson's class - Starting next weekend, your Friday evening class will be online and Saturday afternoon class will be in-person until the SOE period ends.

At this point, our plan is to resume in-person classes as soon as the declaration is lifted. Naturally, we will continue to closely monitor the situation and adapt accordingly.

Safety is certainly a top priority for everybody at TUJ. Providing students with a high quality and supportive educational environment is also essential to us. We have acted based on guidance provided by local health officials, experts, and the Japanese government. It is our intention to continue acting in the same manner.

We appreciate you and your continued cooperation and understanding.

TUJ College of Education
Administrative Director
Min Lu