To TUJ Faculty and Staff:

As you know, the Tokyo Metro Government is extending the emergency until the end of May, therefore we will also extend the campus closure until the end of May. As I stated in an earlier message, we are already beginning to plan for the opening of the campus, when that is allowed. Even though the opening is delayed, it will still be in a staged, safe, and cautious manner. I’ll be in touch with you as we finalize those plans.

I know that working from home is not easy for many of us, but of course this continues to be the safest course of action for TUJ, Tokyo, and all of Japan until such time as the pandemic has abated.

Although we are working solely online, thanks to your efforts I am happy to report that we are successfully conducting our normal operations, including the budget compilation, open houses, career fairs, recruitment fairs, advising, registration, and counseling.

I want to give you special thanks for donating more than ¥1,000,000 to the student emergency fund in just the past few days. To date, TUJ as an institution has also authorized more than ¥6,000,000 for that fund. In addition, I am happy to announce that for the summer semester we will not be charging student activities fees or course fees, and will be reducing facilities fee by ¥10,000. Also, subject to TESS approval in July, and BOT approval on May 12, we will not be raising tuition in FY2021.

In the midst of all of this, I do hope you are enjoying your Golden Week. It is much different than we thought it would be, but, as I have written to our students, we are all in this together. Yes, these are uncertain times, but we at TUJ, and everyone on the Main Campus, are working to support our students to the very best of our ability.


Bruce Stronach