To TUJ students:

In my message last Monday, I anticipated that the Tokyo Metropolitan Government would extend the emergency period until the end of May. It is widely anticipated that announcement will be made either today or tomorrow. Therefore, unfortunately we will have to keep the TUJ campus closed until the end of May, or until the emergency controls are relaxed.

Given the situation, and given that we will be starting the semester online, for the summer semester 1) the deadline for tuition payment will be pushed back until May 11th, and 2) we will not be charging student activities fees or course/media fees, and will be reducing facilities fee by ¥10,000. Also, subject to Main Campus approvals in May and July, we will not be raising tuition in FY2021.

Let me repeat what I wrote last week: Although all classes for the semester will be taught online, if the situation improves during the semester, we hope that those students who are able to return to the classroom, will do so. However, when we are given the OK to reopen the campus, we will again make our facilities available to students as soon as we can and in the best, and safest, manner possible, especially for those who will need online and other means of support.

Finally, I know that some students are asking why we are charging any facilities fees if all instruction is online. A fair question, but the answer is that while instruction is online all other services such as DRS, advising, visa, financial aid office, registrars, TLC, library, etc. are being conducted successfully. In addition, especially for the summer semester, the facilities fee will support students increased data and internet costs.

We are all in this together, TUJ, the Main Campus, Showa Women’s University, all of us. We recognize these are uncertain times, but there is one point you can count on: Temple University Japan will continue to support your academic continuity to the very best of our ability.


Bruce Stronach