To All TUJ Students:

I want to thank you for all the efforts that you have put into your education over the spring semester under very trying circumstances. I know that we all want our education to be in the classroom but for students all over the world, that has been impossible. TUJ as a whole, but especially your faculty members, have been doing all we can to support you, but I know that it is not easy for any of us.

The most important question is: When can we get back to the classroom? We announced earlier that we would let everyone know our plans by late April, and unfortunately, it looks now as if we will have to start the summer semester online.

No one is sure when the Tokyo Metropolitan Government will begin relaxing the emergency and allowing life to return to what will definitely be the “new normal”, but we do not think that will happen in time for us to make the preparations we need for a full reopening by May 25th. When we are given the OK to reopen the campus, we will again make the campus available to students as soon as we can and in the best, and safest, manner possible, especially for those who will need online and other means of support.

All classes for the semester will be taught online, however, if the situation improves during the semester, we hope that those who are in Tokyo and are able to return to the classroom, will do so. It is possible that as you begin your semester online you can finish either online or in the classroom, as you choose. Again, let me be clear, all courses will be taught for the entire semester online, but if we are able to open the classrooms, then those who wish to return to the classroom may do so. Those who do not wish to return to the classroom will not have to.

In my 12 years as Dean the thing that most amazes me about TUJ is that it is the epitome of the most positive aspects of globalization. Our student body is extremely diverse and yet there is a real feeling of identity with our community, with TUJ. The COVID pandemic is a global phenomenon that will change many things in our lives, but one thing that will not change is TUJ. We will continue to work together to be the positive force for global education that we have always been.


Bruce Stronach