To All TUJ Students:

I just wanted to wish you all the best as we draw near the end of the semester. I know that UG finals started today, and Graduate Programs and AEP are also starting to wrap up their semesters.

This has been a semester like no other we have ever known. While we can say that it is the same for university students all over the world, I recognize that it doesn’t ameliorate the burden that you all have felt, and your faculty members have felt, by having to switch to online courses in the middle of the semester.

We still are planning to begin our UG semester in class on May 25th but we also hope to have all classes online as well so that those who cannot make it to TUJ will be able to continue their education at TUJ. However, we will reassess the in-class/online decision at the end of April.

The Graduate Education Program starts from May 7th as scheduled, but students and faculty will be notified with the final in-class/online decision by April 28th at the latest. The Law Program starts from Saturday, May 9th as scheduled with classes beginning on Monday, May 11th. Students and faculty will be notified with the final in-class/online decision by April 28th at the latest. The EMBA program will be online for the summer.

AEP will begin online from May 7th to May 23rd, but will decide whether to continue online by April 28th at the latest.

Not being able to have a Commencement ceremony this year is another huge disappointment. We are still discussing what we might be able to do this spring in lieu of a Commencement, and we are also planning to hold a real Commencement in the fall. I’ll keep you informed as the details fall into place.

I want to end by thanking you all for your patience and your perseverance in completing your classes under very trying circumstances within TUJ and outside TUJ. There are no words that can soften the reality of the coronavirus pandemic. All we can do as an institution of higher education, and as individuals, is to do our best to continue to teach and study, and to continue to take those actions that will bring an end to the pandemic as quickly as possible.

Personally, the thing I miss the most is simply walking around and talking with people. The great thing about TUJ is the diversity of its faculty, staff and students, and the way in which we all interrelate and communicate. I promise that we will do everything we can to get TUJ re-booted and up and running again, but in a way that is as safe and secure as we can make it.

Once again, thank you.

Bruce Stronach