All Faculty and Students:

Please read the message from Provost Epps carefully Grading options for Spring 2020 semester .

Note that

  1. more information will be coming from the university on Monday,
  2. but all students will have the option of keeping letter grades, UG students will have the option of credit/no credit grading for most, if not all, of their courses, and graduate students will have a pass/fail option. Professional school (Beasley) grade options will be handled on a school-by-school basis.
  3. In addition, note that the undergraduate course withdrawal date has been moved from March 18th to the last day of classes. Withdrawal dates may differ for graduate programs and professional schools (Beasley) will have the option of extending their withdrawal dates.

I reiterate that there will be more detailed information from the main campus concerning this Spring Semester policy on Monday, US time. At that time, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs George Miller will be in touch with more details and guidance for undergraduate faculty and students, Director Tina Saunders (Law), Mikiya Mori (EMBA), and Min Lu (TESOL MSED and PhD) will be in touch with their graduate students and faculty, and Bridge and AEP Director Emi Mizunuma will be in touch with Bridge and AEP students and faculty.

As a member of the Council of Deans, I can tell you that we have discussed this thoroughly with the Provost and we feel that this is the best thing to do for all Temple U. students given the terrible disruptions of this semester.


Bruce Stronach