To TUJ Students:

Tokyo Governor Koike has said that the next three weeks will be critical in avoiding an “overshoot” of the coronavirus in Tokyo. Therefore, everyone should stay home as much as possible. If people do not follow her request and there is a continued sharp rise in infections in Tokyo, she would have to order a lockdown. Obviously, no one wants that and so TUJ is going to do all it can to reduce its on-campus operations.

Beginning Monday TUJ will go to minimal in-person operations with almost all staff working from home. This will likely continue for a few weeks or longer as we monitor the situation or until the Tokyo Metropolitan Government declares the emergency to be over. However, if the situation does not improve and the Tokyo Metropolitan Government does order a lockdown, we will have to close the building completely.

During this period the campus will be open for essential purposes only from 7:00am – 7:00pm, Monday through Friday.

Regardless of the situation, online classes will continue for the rest of the semester.

Although no one knows what the situation will be in May, we do anticipate holding normal classes from the beginning of the summer semester. However, if the situation demands it, we will hold the summer semester online. If that is necessary, we will inform you by the end of April.

Please monitor your emails for further messages regarding academic matters.

Please do not come to TUJ unless absolutely necessary for your coursework.

I know that this is a burden on everyone, faculty, staff, and students. However, we have to do whatever we can in order to reduce the time that we are under these severe circumstances, and we can do that best by remaining at home, taking health precautions, and supporting each other through this difficult time.

Temple U. and TUJ have been through hard times in the past and have emerged stronger than ever. This is one more challenge that we will successfully face together, and with the world.

Good luck with your studies over the remainder of the semester.


Bruce Stronach