To All TUJ Direct Admit (Non-Study Abroad) Students

As you were notified yesterday, TUJ will run its summer semester as scheduled. At the present time we are planning to operate in-class, as normal. If circumstances force us to go to an online format, as we did this semester, we will inform you no later than the end of April.

Any student who needs dormitory accommodations over the break between the spring and summer semesters, we will provide you a room for free at the Musashi-Kosugi dormitory. We also can provide discounted rooms (¥250,000) in the Musashi-Kosugi dormitory over the Summer semester. If interested in staying in the dorm please fill out this form  by April 8th. Room allocation will be determined on a first-come, first served basis. Here is some further information about the dorm .

If you are taking courses at TUJ in the summer, no matter what your nationality we strongly urge you to consider remaining in Japan between semesters. If you must travel outside Japan, please be aware of the restrictions you may face in entering the country to which you want to travel including quarantine, possible airline disruptions, and restrictions you may face when reentering Japan. Please be sure to complete this form if you do plan to travel outside Japan. If you travel outside Japan be sure to give yourself enough time to go through the necessary procedures in time to attend the opening of classes on May 25th.

You can find the latest information about restrictions on travel into Japan here .

As the world begins to adjust to this new normal under the COVID-19 pandemic, I truly appreciate your support for TUJ and we will make sure that you are able to continue your education with us uninterrupted. If you have any questions, please write to


Bruce Stronach