Dear Students, Faculty and Staff

Things have been changing rapidly and we will now continue holding all classes online through the end of this semester. The summer semester will be conducted normally, in the classroom. Let us hope that all has calmed down by that time. We are also planning to hold Commencement on the scheduled date, June 7th.

The only thing this policy changes is the date on which classes will be held in person here at TUJ. As is the case now, the building will continue to be open for those who want to use it and TUJ business will be open for normal operations. During the time between now and the beginning of the summer semester, as the situation permits, we will be making decisions to hold or cancel non-class events.

Because all classes will be held online for the remainder of the semester students may travel if they wish, however, you must keep up with your online coursework, and we are strongly recommending that you do not travel outside Japan at this time to avoid any possible travel-related risks. If you do choose to travel outside Japan, we are asking all faculty, staff and non-study abroad students to please fill out this Travel History Form  so we can track your travel and be in contact with you.

The academic semester will continue as it is now, therefore, any decision to travel before the end of the semester is voluntary; there will be no support for ticket changes. However, any student who leaves their dormitory or homestay to return home will be reimbursed at a later date on a prorated basis.

Study Abroad Students at TUJ through the Education Abroad program for undergraduate students will soon receive a separate message from Education Abroad. Those of you wanting to return home must register with the previously distributed form for study abroad students and please notify the Office of Students Services or the Law Program at TUJ. Also, please remember that no in-person classes are being held on the main campus.

Please note that the Main Campus now requires that students, faculty and staff who have traveled to countries with sustained transmission of the virus must self-monitor off campus for 14 days before returning to the main campus. In addition, if you have travel to countries with sustained transmission of the virus you must self-monitor off campus for 14 days before returning to the TUJ campus or TUJ dorms.

As stated above, we are strongly recommending that you do not travel outside Japan at this time to avoid any possible travel-related risks. However, if you must leave for personal travel, we want you to be prepared for what could occur. Below are some reminders regarding your health while traveling:

PRACTICE GOOD HYGIENE to protect yourself and others: wash your hands frequently, avoid touching your face, carry hand sanitizer, cough or sneeze into a tissue or your sleeve, and properly dispose of tissues.

PREPARE FOR ILLNESS ABROAD (ISOS information applicable to Study Abroad Students only): If you have symptoms of flu or another illness, contact International SOS at +1-215-942-8478 or via the app. They can provide medical consultation and help you make an appointment with a local health care provider if necessary. Refer to your program manual for more information about International SOS, and keep contact information handy for your on-site staff so you can notify them if you get sick.

PREPARE FOR TRAVEL: If you plan to travel, pack extra supplies (clothes, medications, money, phone charger, etc.), in case of travel delays. We encourage you to follow guidelines from reliable sources (Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs, U.S. Department of State, CDC, WHO, the Ministry of Health or U.S. Embassy of the country/ies to which you plan to travel) in making personal travel decisions. Be prepared for new restrictions to be enacted with little or no advance notice. Restrictions may include transportation delays or cancellations, border closings, or random or systematic health screening.

For questions and concerns, please contact

Bruce Stronach



Graduate schools and Continuing Education students will be contacted directly from the program office respectfully.