TUJ has decided to cancel or postpone the following events, pursuant to the strong recommendations by governmental authorities and health professionals that organizations and individuals start engaging in "social distancing" and seek to reduce the number of unnecessary public gatherings, in the hope of dampening the spread of the coronavirus and reducing the severity of its possible impacts on health systems, individuals and organizations:

  • Executive Leadership Series March 10 (canceled)
  • Student Ski Trip to Nagano Feb 28-March 1 (canceled)
  • Student Trip to Izu Peninsula March 4 (canceled)
  • Undergraduate Open Campus March 8 (canceled)
  • Undergraduate Class observation Day March 23 (canceled)
  • UNHCR Film Event March 13 (postponed)
  • Spring On-Campus Career Fair March 11 (postponed)
  • ICAS March Events March 2, 17, 23 (canceled)
  • TUJ Olympics Conference March 4 (canceled)
  • Dean’s List Dinner Feb. 28 (postponed)

Those who are responsible for organizing these events will be contacted and will be responsible for informing registered or prospective attendees. We are taking this action for certain non-essential events, as a preventative measure, and will consider later whether to cancel or postpone other similar events. TUJ as an institution remains open. If it is even necessary to close the building, we are prepared to continue operations remotely and with virtual instruction.

Stay healthy.

Bruce Stronach