Student Intern Interview: Tomosuke Nakada

Student Intern Profile

Tomosuke Nakada
International Business Studies
Internship at:
Texas Instruments
Fall 2013 and Summer 2014

Q1 Why did you choose to intern at Texas Instruments?

Tomosuke This is actually my second time interning at Texas Instruments (TI). The reason I chose TI again was that I love the global working environment. Furthermore, TI has strong ethics and perfect work-life balance.

Q2 What are some of your projects/responsibilities at the internship?

Tomosuke Last year, my main responsibility was to consolidate historical data and upload it into the global TI server, as well as tackle errors that occurred during the process. This was a time-consuming job as there were tons of data that I had to check for accuracy. In addition to this, I was given the task of training my co-worker in this process before my internship contract ended.

This term, my main responsibility is working on Special Price Request (SPR) that is sent daily to the pricing team from the distributors. There are a few processes that we have to go through before replying to the distributors. Another project I will be working on is the implantation of worldwide software that is expected to make the response time more efficient to the customer. I will be supporting the User Acceptance Testing, on whether the software is working as TI Japan specified.

Q3 What was the biggest challenge you faced during your internship and what did you do to overcome it?

Tomosuke My biggest challenge was to remember the unique language that is used in the semiconductor industry and to learn honorific speech. This was completely different from what I used in my daily life. For the first few weeks, I had to get many of my e-mails checked by my co-workers before sending them off to the distributors.

Q4 Please tell us your future goals or your plans after graduation.

Tomosuke Currently my plan is to apply to Texas Instruments as well as experience Japanese job hunting (shukatsu). I also want to travel the world.

Q5 How do you envision your internship experience helping you in the future?

Tomosuke These internships at TI, a global semiconductor company, helped build my professional confidence and communication skills.

Q6 Would you recommend this internship to other TUJ students?

Tomosuke I recommend this internship to students as the working environment is very global, where one actually performs tasks such as interacting with different overseas offices and HQ. You also get trained in different departments and get to visit other TI Japan sites.

Tomosuke's Daily Schedule

Time Activity
9:00 Arrive at work; check e-mail; check schedule updates
9:15 Start working on task (special price request from distributor)
11:45 Have lunch with the pricing team / younger TI'ers
12:30 Come back to office; enjoy some conversation with pricing team
13:00 Weekly meeting with pricing team (every Wednesday)
If there is no meeting, work on special price request until 17:40
15:00 Work on task / support pricing member with time-consuming task
17:40 Leave work

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