An Update from the Dean Stronach

Dog Days, Graduation, and More

August 5, 2008

Dog Days

We have well and truly entered the dog days of summer. When most people, including most native speakers of English, hear this phrase which dates back to ancient Greece, they picture a panting dog lying in the shade during the hottest days of summer. Actually, this time of year gets its name from the bright Dog Star (Sirius), which in ancient days rose with the sun; but perhaps the image of the lazy dog is more apt. It is the time when we all feel like lying in the shade to escape the sun and most people go on vacation. Personally, I love bicycling from my apartment in Kanazawa Hakkei down to Hayama to go for a swim in Sagami Bay and just take in the beach and surf scene...Japanese-style.


Here at TUJ, while taking our vacations and enjoying the summer, we are also taking stock of the past half-year's accomplishments and planning for the start of our academic year in the fall. For starters, we had a wonderful graduation at the Hotel New Otani for 171 newly-minted alumni. The setting was lovely, we received video-taped greetings from President Hart and the graduates from Main Campus, and our proceeding were centered around Temple's Provost, Dr. Lisa Staiano-Coico, who led the Philadelphia delegation this year. The graduation was also a chance for us to thank out-going Vice President Robert Reinstein for his years of continuing support for TUJ while simultaneously congratulating another old friend, Dr. Adelaide Ferguson, just appointed as Interim Vice President.

Office of International Affairs

Interim V.P. Ferguson will head the newly created Office of International Affairs. The OIA brings together the Office of International Programs, which oversees study-abroad and exchange programs as well as Temple's international campuses, and the Office of International Services, which provides services for international students. The Office of International Affairs' portfolio also includes a wide variety of other responsibilities, including facilitating international partnerships for the university, maintaining an inventory of Temple's activities around the globe and fostering global alumni relations. The office will oversee all international activities at the university with the exception of international admissions.

Interim Vice President Ferguson's first priority will be to develop a broad-based strategic plan to guide the future of Temple's global initiatives and you can be assured that TUJ will be a central part of that plan. President Hart, and Provost Staiano-Coico have made it very clear that they want Temple University to be one of America's leading international institutions of higher education and they have also made it clear that TUJ will play a major role in that strategy. Therefore, I will be traveling to Philadelphia in September for a week of meetings with various officials on the Main Campus in order to develop TUJ's new future strategy in the context of Temple University's international strategy.

Enrollment Management

As of July 1st, TUJ, has implemented the concept of enrollment management, by bringing together all non-academic student services as an integrated unit that includes everything from student recruitment to career development and all stops in between. Enrollment management allows us to better serve our students by breaking down communication and organizational barriers that had grown up between various aspects of student services over the years. Chie Kato, who has a wide variety of experience here at TUJ, has been named Associate Dean of Enrollment Management.

From Fall

We will be enrolling about 150-160 new undergraduate students this fall which, in addition to increases in our graduate programs as well, will bring our total undergraduate and graduate students number up to well over 1200. TUJ's undergraduate and graduate programs have been growing steadily over the past several years and we are now the size of many colleges in the US. Given our recent growth and the new international strategic planning, TUJ will also begin a strategic review of its own academic programs and its role as an American institution of higher education as a player in the Japanese higher education system. I can assure you there will be interesting, exciting, challenging, and fun times ahead. But before that I will also take a little vacation with my brother and sister back on the lake in Maine where we grew up as we do every year. I hope you are having a good summer vacation, wherever you are, and I look forward to moving TUJ forward together with you in the fall.

With best regards,